Getting a divorce can be an emotionally draining experience. It produces an upheaval for you and those that you love. It is also a highly expensive one at that. From having to break apart the relationship to causing concern for family members, to having to relocate yourself and children, and split assets, property, maintain multiple households, divorce costs a pretty penny, to be sure. Adding the cost of an attorney to that can become burdensome.

Minimum Legal Fees

If you cannot afford an attorney, the cheapest way is to file an uncontested divorce without the help of a lawyer. That would require you and your spouse to agree on all the terms. The minimum cost to go that route is $245 to file the court paperwork. However, we recommend having an attorney review all of your paperwork before you file. After all, you cannot take things back so easily once something becomes a court order.

If you meet the maximum income threshold by providing financial documents to prove that you cannot afford an attorney for your divorce, the court can appoint a judge free of charge for you. However, getting the cheapest attorney you can find may not always be the best idea. The best attorney for you is the one that you feel comfortable talking to and one that listens and understands you.

Mediation and Court Alternatives

Mediation can be less expensive than anything because it works to advance the goal of agreement between parties faster and easier than a straight divorce. Both the financial and emotional toll of divorce is reduced through skillful means of helping two people resolve their differences and move forward healthily for the benefit of the entire family. That is what you will find when you hire a dedicated family law attorney at your side.

When you and your spouse agree on terms such as child custody and how to divide property, you can detail it all in a proposition to save valuable time and money for your attorney and the court. Depending on how complicated your divorce issues are, your attorney fees may be larger than what you might expect. Cases which require restraining orders, multiple hearings, a trial, or an appeal are much more expensive, as you might imagine.

Additional Divorce Costs

Any attorney you hire will have an hourly rate, plus administrative costs that arise during the process. Average hourly rates vary from state to state and depending upon the skill and experience of the attorney and legal team. There may also be additional costs for expenses such as serving the process by delivering the summons. If there is testimony or depositions needed from expert witnesses or appraisals for property required, there may be charges for that.

Divorce is never cheap. However, when you choose an attorney with experience, integrity, and diligence, you will have the support you need to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. After all, one day longer spent hassling with papers and hearings is something you do not want. By hiring one of the best family law attorneys in Missoula County, you will have the help you are looking for in S. DeBoer, Attorney at Law. Give us a call today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our fees are fair and competitive, and our motivation is pure; to help you move forward with your life with confidence and support.