How Much Does a Family Law Attorney Make? 

If you’re considering a career in family law, you may be wondering, “How much does a family law attorney make?” Thankfully, the field of family law is growing rapidly, with an average hourly rate of approximately $120. In addition, salaries can be much higher in some areas of the United States, such as California and Texas. Listed below are some common skills required and salaries for a Family Law Attorney. 

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Average hourly rate 

A family law attorney bills by the hour, with some varying rates. The amount of money you pay depends on your specific needs and the quality of your work. Some attorneys may charge for their first meeting with you, while others will be happy to give you a free consultation. Most lawyers report that their initial meetings last approximately 30 minutes. Before you hire a family law attorney, be sure to get a quote and read through the attorney’s fee schedule. 

Skills required 

While there is no set amount of education required to become a family law attorney, there are some skills that are essential for success. These skills include a thorough understanding of family law, financial and accounting knowledge, good oral communication skills, and assertive nature. Additionally, attorneys should have excellent research and writing skills. Family lawyers must also have strong communication skills because they spend so much time analyzing laws and understanding their clients’ needs. 

Job outlook 

As a family law attorney, you will work with families to resolve their legal matters. These lawyers may help clients with divorce proceedings, child custody, adoptions, and other family law matters. Become a family law attorney by completing a Juris Doctor degree, which generally takes three years to complete. Most states require that newly admitted lawyers have a Juris Doctor degree. As a new lawyer, you will gain experience by working in a law firm under the supervision of a senior lawyer. 

Salary range 

A family lawyer’s salary depends on several factors, including state, region, and practice area. The more experience a lawyer has, the more their income will likely be. The amount they earn also depends on how successful they have been with their clients. While experience is a constant factor, education and location can affect salary. Some attorneys will value higher compensation, while others will choose to work for a small, privately owned firm. Regardless of their particular skill set and experience, a lawyer should aim for a healthy balance between a competitive salary and professional contentment. 

Continuing education credits 

While you may be required to earn CLE credit to maintain your state bar association membership, the benefits of attending CLE programs are many. Continuing education can expand your knowledge base and help you diversify your practice. It may also help you win new clients and provide better service. Lorman Education Services offers a variety of CLE programs for family law attorneys, including OnDemand training and priority registration for live events.