How Much Does a Family Law Solicitor Cost? 

So, how much does a family law solicitor charge? You have several options when deciding how much you can afford to spend. There are several ways to pay for a lawyer – hourly rate, flat fee, consultation fee, and unbundled legal services. Find out which one suits your needs best. You may also want to read through this guide before you make a decision. After all, your lawyer should be able to handle your case effectively and efficiently, not cost you an arm and a leg! 

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Flat fee 

In family law, a flat fee lawyer may only charge a fixed amount for certain services. For example, a lawyer may charge a set amount for the preparation and filing of a divorce petition, serving the divorce petition, preparing and attending hearing paperwork, and the like. In such cases, the attorney’s total fee will not exceed the flat fee. This way, a client will avoid overpaying, but may also face unexpected expenses. 

Another issue with hourly billing is that it creates tension between the attorney and the client. If the attorney has to keep track of how much time he or she spends on a given task, it becomes difficult to gauge the actual cost of the work. Additionally, hourly billing is not very efficient. It can take more than two minutes to write or record a simple email. Therefore, hourly billing is a waste of time and an unnecessary expense for both the attorney and the client. 

Hourly rate 

You can hire a family law solicitor on an hourly basis. This means that you will pay them a certain amount of money upfront, which is often discounted. You can also choose a fixed fee, which is the same amount no matter how many communications you have with them. In the case of unbundled billing, the family law solicitor will be paid a certain percentage of the settlement, rather than a set fee. 

Consultation fee 

A family law solicitor will charge a consultation fee if they agree to help you with your case. A consultation is often billed on an hourly basis. Normally, a consultation does not last longer than one hour, but sometimes, it does. The consultation fee will be negotiated between the client and the attorney. This fee is typically not more than $3,500 and will be held in a trust account until the work is completed. 

It is common for attorneys to charge a consultation fee, although this does not necessarily mean that they are less experienced or do not have many clients. However, if you cannot afford to pay for the consultation, you should reconsider retaining the services of a family law solicitor. Free consultation does not provide you with a full understanding of the fees associated with your case, and it will make it impossible to make a proper comparison. It also shows that you are serious about the case, and you are willing to pay a small fee to obtain the best legal representation for your needs. 

Unbundled legal services 

Using unbundled legal services allows you to control your spending. Instead of paying an hourly rate, you pay a flat fee for a set task. After the task is complete, you can stop paying the lawyer. If you prefer to pay by the hour, this is an option, too. However, there are certain disadvantages of unbundled services. Below, you will find some important things to know about them. To understand how unbundled legal services work, you should have a clear idea of what you need. 

Some unbundled services include online dispute resolution. This is a valuable strategy for resolving conflicts and can be extremely useful post-litigation. Unlike traditional litigation, ODR is entirely online. ODR platforms like OurFamilyWizard create a secure space for practitioners to interact with clients. Mental health practitioners can work directly with co-parents. The benefits of this model are obvious, and the cost is worth considering.