What Does Any Attorney Cost For Divorce? 

What an attorney cost for divorce depends on a variety of factors, such as the number of contested issues in your case, whether you need to go to court, and how complex the division of property and child custody will be. A few other things also come into play, such as whether you and your spouse can settle on key matters without needing a lawyer and what kind of financial assets you have. 

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How much it costs to represent yourself

If you and your spouse can settle on the most important issues in your case without needing an attorney, you will be able to save money. You may not get the best deal, but you will be able to avoid spending thousands of dollars hiring an attorney and taking your case to trial. 

You will also be able to spend less time in court, which will reduce your legal fees as well. You can also hire a neutral professional to help you draft and review your settlement agreement, which will lower your overall cost of divorce. 

Your options for divorce are vast and varied, with every option having its pros and cons. Each will affect the final price of your divorce, and it is best to explore all of your options before making a decision. 

DIY Divorce

If you and your spouse are able to resolve the most important issues in your case, you will be able to save money on attorneys’ fees, and you may even be able to save money by filing your divorce online rather than using the local court clerk’s office. This is a good option if you and your spouse have had a short-term marriage and one or both of you are comfortable with basic math and legal language. 

The next lowest-cost option is collaborative divorce, which involves working with a team of professionals to resolve all of your divorce issues. This includes attorneys, divorce coaches, accountants, child specialists, and real estate agents. 

This model is not cheap, but it is a great way to reach an agreement on all of your issues and get rid of the need for a judge’s intervention in your divorce. It will also give you and your spouse the opportunity to work together to avoid unnecessary lawyer-based negotiations that can cause more harm than good in the long run. 

You can also try mediation, which is an alternative to going to court that will allow you and your spouse to work with a mediator to find a solution to your problems. A mediator is a professional who can help you and your spouse to discuss the most important issues in your case, and who can also help you work out an agreement that you can both support. 

Ultimately, a divorce is a very stressful experience, and many people wish to avoid it. You can help ease the stress and anxiety that comes with a divorce by staying focused on what is important to you, rather than getting lost in the details.