What’s Family Law? 

The subject of family law is not one that you’ll likely be interested in without further study. It deals with issues related to marriage and family, domestic relations, and shared property. This article will introduce you to the basic concepts of divorce and its procedures, including child custody and support. If you’re wondering what family law is and why it’s important to learn about it, read on. You’ll learn how to navigate the court system and make informed decisions.

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Child custody 

When two parents separate, one may wonder what they will do with the child. Child custody and visitation decisions are made based on several factors, including each parent’s health and financial status. The decision-making process also considers the child’s age and gender, as well as any habits that could negatively affect the child. Some habits to avoid during a custody case include excessive drinking, gambling, and drug use. Another consideration is the parents’ hopes for the custody decision, including the child’s adjustment to the new living arrangements. 

Child support 

While it may sound like a straightforward issue, issues of family law are not always straightforward. When there is no court order for child support, the child’s custodial parent may withhold visitation until the payment is made. In such cases, the custodial parent may hire a lawyer to help them. Child support attorneys are skilled advocates for child support orders. Some are even lawyers that specialize in these issues. Whether you need representation for your child custody case or are trying to establish a child support payment agreement, Darren Shapiro can help you navigate the legal system. 

Shared property 

Divorce can cause many complexities. Shared property laws are extremely difficult to determine because they are based on the partnership theory, whereby couples agree to share more than just feelings. In matrimony, spouses share property and can have a difficult time defining their share during a divorce. Attorney Darren M. Shapiro has extensive experience with marital issues, including shared property. He understands how to resolve these difficult issues and can help you navigate the maze of family law and shared property. 

Divorce procedures 

In many states, divorcing couples have to live separately for a certain period before they can file for divorce. It is important to follow the rules for separating property before filing for divorce, however. In some states, couples must live separately and apart for a year before filing. If you file too early, you may face rejection of your case. During this time, you will need to submit all of your requests for property division, spousal support, child custody, and alimony. 


During the adoption process, a court will decide whether the individual is an acceptable adoptive parent. An investigatory report will be made about a prospective adoptive parent’s social history, religious background, financial status, and moral and physical fitness. The court will base its decision on the best interests of the child. A lawyer can help individuals prepare the appropriate documents to be submitted to the court. The process can take months or years.