Can a divorce lawyer help you with prenuptial agreements? 

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that a couple enters into before getting married. It is a contract that details exactly how assets and finances will be handled during the marriage and, of course, in case of divorce. 

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Generally, people with significant amounts of money will want to get a prenuptial agreement because it will ensure that their property is distributed equitably in the event of a divorce. However, this type of contract can be beneficial for people of modest means as well. 

The best way to know if you need a prenuptial agreement is to talk with your own trusted divorce lawyer. These attorneys can provide advice on whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you, and they can also draft it for you. 

Can a prenuptial agreement protect my financial interests?

It can be very important to discuss and understand what a prenuptial agreement entails before you sign it. Both spouses should agree to fully understand what each provision entails, so that you are clear about what is being agreed upon. 

Can a prenuptial arrangement prevent an unwanted divorce?

A prenuptial agreement can prevent an unwanted divorce, especially if both parties are willing to put in the work and effort that is needed to create one. Many couples find that it saves them time and money in the long run, since they can avoid the expensive and drawn-out process of going through a court battle to distribute assets equitably. 

Can a prenuptial deal with inheritances?

A premarital agreement can often deal with inheritance issues, as well as debt. It can also establish who will pay for child custody or support in the event of a divorce. 

Can a prenuptial be enforced? 

A prenup can be enforceable in some states if it is drafted properly and executed in writing. Each party must sign the agreement, which can be difficult for some people to do. 

Can a prenuptial make you ineligible for spousal support?

A divorce lawyer can help you decide if you are eligible for spousal support, which is the amount that a spouse may be required to pay in order to assist with a marriage. 

Can a prenuptial eliminate or reduce alimony?

In many cases, a prenuptial can eliminate or reduce alimony, which is the amount that a spouse is required to pay in order to assist with remarriage. 

Can a prenuptial allow you to keep your family home, or keep a business interest? 

A premarital agreement can allow you to keep your family home or business interest, as well as other property from a previous marriage. 

Can a prenuptial include a clause that allows the other spouse to own life insurance? 

In most states, a prenup can include a clause that allows the other spouse the ownership rights or ownership rights in a life insurance policy. This can be especially helpful if you have children from a previous marriage, or if you have accumulated significant wealth during your marriage.