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Having years of experience as a divorce lawyer in Missoula, MT helping families going through the oftentimes painful stages of separation together, S. DeBoer brings skilled legal counsel to your case with her exceptional dedication to the honorable practice of family law. During a time when you, your spouse, and your children are suffering greatly from the emotional, financial, and physical effects of a traumatic event in your lives, Stephanie’s mission is to bring a sense of calm, ease, and confidence to the situation.

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Legal Support At Every Step

Working without a competent lawyer can set you up for failure. Trying to handle your divorce all by yourself will likely cause more burden and will rarely save you time or money in the long run. You may get divorced only once or maybe twice in your lifetime, yet S. DeBoer has been a divorce attorney for over a dozen years with hundreds of cases having been prepared and settled during that decade plus. She has the experience and commitment to help protect your interests with dignity and composure.

With a special skill in negotiation, S. DeBoer Attorney at Law will always offer an objective view combined with her seasoned knowledge of the law. Having the expert skill to quickly mediate your case to a successful settlement or take your case to trial if the situation requires it, Stephanie has a strong reputation as a successful divorce litigator. Bolstered by the power of an entire investigative team working on your case, you can rest easy knowing you have the legal support you need to secure your future when you have S. DeBoer Attorney at Law in your corner.

The Divorce Process

The dissolution of the marriage process in Missoula, MT can be far more straightforward than in other states around the country due to it being a no-fault divorce state. In every divorce proceeding, it is necessary for the couple to show the court the identified legal grounds as to the reasons to terminate a marriage. In a no-fault divorce, the reason is usually irreconcilable differences rather than marital misconduct. Though fault-divorce is possible particularly when involving the safety of children, the no-fault divorce is the standard and most common form of divorce in Montana.

There are also alternatives and benefits to having a legal separation before filing a petition for divorce. While divorce may officially end the marriage contract, the couple may still have ongoing legal arrangements to be resolved regarding child custody, support, and maintenance, including counseling. However, in a situation where there are no factors of disagreement between the parties, and a mutual agreement can be made, Montana law does allow something called an uncontested divorce.

For all kinds of dissolution of marriage cases, a talented attorney can assist you in identifying problems with your case and help negotiate a fair settlement for you either out of court or in a trial. There are no juries in divorce cases. S. DeBoer will represent you to the fullest by helping with all the procedures from custody hearings to spousal and child support. You can aways expect honesty even when things get tough. When you have the strength and confidence of an exceptional law firm behind you, it can make all the difference as to how the trauma affects you and your entire family.

Property Division

In Montana, a homemaker is considered when a partner working outside the home contributes to property equity. Montana law recognizes equitably as a measure for the division of property which does not always mean equal. Length of the marriage along with the age, health, and income-generating ability of each spouse is considered in determining the distribution of assets. As a no-contest state, the judge will not consider marital misconduct when dividing property.

With a focus on skillful communication along the way, S. DeBoer will never let emotional distress drag your case into the mud. Stephanie has a perfect record of helping her clients leave their marriages with a certain degree of respect and graciousness without giving way to unreasonable demands. A wise family law attorney will help you keep your cool, maintain good relations, and settle things quickly and relatively painlessly while always protecting your future.

Property Settlement

Though sometimes property settlement can be a complicated process of paperwork, it is usually less emotionally complicated than child custody issues. According to Montana law, equity must be protected when at all possible in property settlement cases so the division of assets must be fair. Unless a couple can mutually agree on every aspect of the division of property, it can get difficult to reach a settlement. Alimony payments are usually handled at this point of the process.

Having a property settlement attorney that excels at handling the equitable accounting and division of property can save money, time, and the devastating mishaps that can occur when your assets are not protected. This portion of a divorce proceeding can be done in advance of the divorce itself while a legal separation is underway. The property settlement process usually takes up to 60 days to finalize, while a divorce can take a year before it can begin.

Why Choose S. DeBoer Attorney at Law?

During one of the most stressful times and events of your life, a good attorney will walk you through the daunting process of separating from your spouse. A competent lawyer should be there not just for paperwork and appointment setting, but for meditation and advice on not only what to do, but also what not to do. When your standing in the community means something to you, when privacy is a must, look to one of the most well-respected divorce attorneys in Montana known for integrity and compassion.

To schedule a free law consultation so that your story can be heard and your situation can be assisted, reach out to S. DeBoer Attorney at Law for all your family law needs including divorce, property division, and property settlement. Family law may be complicated, but with the help of one of the best divorce attorneys in the Missoula Valley, you can let go of some of the worry and confusion by relying on the experts. At S. DeBoer Attorney at Law, the goal is for you to resolve your legal woes while maintaining a healthy perspective on the process.

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No two divorces are the same. Yet, when handled with care and precision, each can be resolved with little stress or discord. Montana State Law already makes it easier for couples to seek swift dissolutions of marriage. By calling on one of the most well-respected family law attorneys in Missoula county, you will be able to move forward into the future with clarity and confidence.

Aimed at dispelling fear and confusion that causes a fog of doubt, as an expert divorce attorney, Stephanie DeBoer can take things from counsel to court with great assurance. Reach out by telephone or email to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your exact situation. When it comes to difficult decisions regarding workable timesharing, fair asset distribution, and future agreements like alimony and child support, leave it to S. DeBoer to handle everything correctly and confidentially.

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