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Divorce can be a traumatic experience for any family to endure, especially when a child is involved. During difficult family situations and decisions, having the right child custody lawyer in Missoula, MT handling the case could make all the difference in the lives of you and those you love. Determining alimony and property settlement is nothing compared to the stress of having to determine full or part-time custody of the children. Even when a divorce is amicable, working out the shared child custody and visitation rights can be fraught with emotional upheavals for everyone involved.

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It is important to choose a child custody attorney that understands the law, has a reputation for discreet handling of cases and possesses a skill for fostering healthy communication between parties. The best attorneys are level-headed, emotionally balanced, and able to keep parties discussing things civilly without animosity and punching below the belt. An honest lawyer will always steer their clients clear of wasting valuable time and money on frivolous or malicious attempts to harm the other parties in any way.

S. DeBoer has years of experience handling even the most complicated child custody cases in Missoula Valley. With a dedication to helping minimize the distress and dysfunction that usually accompany these kinds of cases, Stephanie aims to relieve her clients of some of the baggage that goes along with legally separating and sharing children between parents. By working with one of the most well-respected attorneys in the area, your case will be resolved while your reputation and family communication are likewise preserved to the highest possible standards.

Grounds for Child Custody Modification

It goes without saying that when it comes to making changes in child custody, though not difficult to receive permission for from the court, it is easier to achieve when the agreement is mutually acceptable. One of the more common reasons for a child custody modification includes the physical relocation of the child that creates a significant burden on the non-custodial parent. Another common cause for child custody changes would be if one of the parents failed to follow custody rules or the child or parent’s lives changed significantly either positively or negatively requiring a change to the agreement to be made.

Of course, the direst of reasons for a child custody modification to be granted would be if the child’s life was in any danger. Those petitions usually move quickly through the court process especially if the police are involved and proof of abuse or neglect is easily achieved. If your child is in imminent danger from your spouse or someone in your spouse’s life, we always urge you to call the police immediately. After that, you can work with your attorney to file a motion to modify your custody agreement to protect the life of your child permanently.

At S. DeBoer Attorney at Law, Stephanie understands how important your family is to your life. She also knows how sensitive these matters can be for any family, especially if communication is at all strained between parties. It is the mission of S. DeBoer to take a bit of the burden and worry off of your shoulders so you can work on handling the family crisis while attending to your own health. Your case is in good hands with a person who cares when you look to S. DeBoer for assistance with all your family legal matters.

Emergency Child Custody Motions

Endangerment is one of the strongest cases to be made for an emergency child custody modification. Physical, psychological, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse are the most common reasons to be proven. Other causes for immediate changes include putting the child in harm’s way through willful or ignorant means, drug and alcohol abuse, or serious mental disorders such as nervous breakdowns or hospitalizations.

If one or more of the parents are acting in a manner that compromises the safety of the child, the court can modify the agreement, altering the ways in which the child can live and visit with the parent in question. Custody laws are not meant to be written in stone so that either party can be held accountable for poor behavior or can be likewise rewarded for positive change when it comes to child custody.

Visitation Settlements

Reasonable visitation rights are usually determined by the parents with a schedule that works for the entire family. It can be determined by the court if the family cannot agree. For the non-custodial parent, common visitation rights include specific days and times to have custody such as every other weekend and one weeknight per week. It can also include things such as 2-6 weeks during summer vacations, as well as some holidays and birthdays.

It is much easier and faster to resolve visitation settlement cases within a year if both parties can agree on some of the core scheduling ideas. A skilled and seasoned attorney can help parties come to reasonable agreements much faster by framing motivations to encourage and foster them. By working with one of the best family law attorneys in the Missoula County area, you have a trusted legal counsel on your side to help make your case and push it through the system in a timely manner.

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When the burdens of a divorce or child custody battle are upon you and the fate of your family’s well-being hangs in the balance, look to one of the most admired and qualified family law attorneys in Missoula Valley. With a focus on skillful and compassionate communication, S. DeBoer Attorney at Law offers expert legal advice and precise representation of the facts involved to get your case settled swiftly. Stephanie can relieve you of all the hassle and stress of a separation, divorce, and child custody lawsuit so that you can focus on the emotional and physical health of your family.

S. DeBoer offers skilled legal services for reasonable fees beginning with a free law consultation regarding your specific situation. From there, the firm can offer a no-obligation estimate on what a service such as this will cost. With a steadfast commitment to our Missoula neighbors, S. DeBoer Attorney at Law is there to help when it matters the most, offering exceptional family law legal services in and around the Missoula area.

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Reach out to discuss your case with S. DeBoer Attorney at Law. A talented team of experts is ready to help answer questions, respond to concerns, and get you scheduled for a free, no-obligation consultation with Stephanie. No matter where you may be in your separation, divorce, property settlement, property distribution, child support, or child custody cases, S. DeBoer is ready to assist you.

You do not have to go it alone when you face one of the most challenging times in your life. With a strong Montana community background and a dedication to the health and well-being of the families in our county, S. DeBoer Attorney at Law focuses on helping to resolve complicated family dramas with professionalism and grace. Rely on one of the most compassionate, helpful family law experts in the state. S. DeBoer is your trusted child custody attorney.

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