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Couples looking for a peaceful and swift resolution to any family decision with the help of a qualified Family Mediation Attorney in Missoula, MT can rely on Stephanie DeBoer Attorney at Law to provide excellent full-service mediation and assistance in all kinds of family legal proceedings. Having over a dozen years of serving residents of the state of Montana with legal assistance including family mediation, Stephanie is unique in her field of being both an expert mediator and an excellent legal counselor. With a commitment to helping calmly and smoothly resolve family issues before they go to litigation, S. DeBoer works hard to frame the problem, gather the information, and successfully bargain to reach a final settlement.

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Communication-Oriented Legal Assistance

As a skilled attorney and mediator, S. DeBoer can work as an objective third party for the benefit of both parties to reach an amicable agreement through the mediation process. Stephanie knows not to assess blame or speak for either party, instead of balancing the needs of both people and helping each to prioritize the needs of the children first and then compromise on the settlement that works for both of them. Stephanie always encourages healthy communication during what can potentially be a traumatic experience for all parties involved.

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What Does A Family Mediator Do?

A skilled family mediator should work for the benefit of all family members to encourage peace and harmony during an emotional or difficult time. A good mediator will present a calm and emotionally balanced demeanor and be trained in all the right ways to negotiate between family members. S. DeBoer has many years of experience serving Missoula, MT in mediating to resolution between parties including marital issues such as separation, divorce, child support, and alimony. She is also an expert in mediating property inheritance and division as well as elder support and end-of-life issues.

Being a mediator can be stressful in that the job is focused on conflict management and resolution which can be fraught with high running emotions. Ultimately the job of a family mediation lawyer to achieve the goal of getting two parties or more to reach an agreement on something even when anger, shame, or sadness is involved. Everything from business succession to end-of-life issues can be mediated when parties are open to making equitable, yet swift and peaceful agreements. In all cases, it is about protecting the rights and well-being of everyone involved in the litigation.

How The Family Mediation Process Works

Society tends to view conflict as something to be resolved quickly. A skilled mediator sees conflict as a means of renewing relationships through the resolution process to make mutually beneficial changes for the future of the family. While the mediation process is generally qualitative and open-ended, it always involves meetings with the parties involved and the mediator beginning with the establishment of boundaries and the framing of ground rules.

Other meetings would include time for the parties to detail their stories, identify issues, and evaluate options. Final meetings would allow for the adjustment and refinement of proposed solutions as well as a formal recording of the agreement in writing that would then be signed to be legally binding. Since each reason for mediation is unique, it is not easy to estimate how long it would take to mediate any issue, but some issues can be resolved in just one mediation session. Any successful mediation ends up with a settlement of all of the issues at hand. Mediation is far less expensive than going to court to settle a case such as divorce.

The Mediation Process versus Litigating Your Case

There are innumerable benefits to using a mediation process for your divorce or family separation case. It is far less expensive than a litigated case due to all the discovery, court processes, interventions, and legal fees. It does a better job of protecting the privacy of you and your children from the invasion of scrutiny that comes along with a litigated separation. Overall from initial control over the timeline to the level of participation, to the amount of compliance from those involved, mediation has the upper hand when it comes to being an effective way to settle a legal matter. It just takes a little motivation to want it to be easy on those involved.

Mediation is the best way to settle such a wide range of legal issues without all the drama, invasion of privacy, and personal attacks that can come up in court. Mediation can be faster, easier, and less expensive than going to court, so if meditation is an option, S. DeBoer will always advocate for it. If a couple is interested in saving money and knows they can compromise on things to reach an agreement, mediation is an effective way to resolve issues at a lower cost in both time and money.

Why Choose S. DeBoer Attorney at Law?

When working with S. DeBoer Attorney at Law you can count on good advice based on your needs and the needs of your children, what is in your best interest, and what would be the quickest path to success. Stephanie brings a level-headed approach to mediation and encourages healthy, helpful dialogue between parties. With a strong team of compassionate, qualified lawyers for sensitive cases backing her up, S. DeBoer Attorney at Law brings a level of skill and orderliness to a process that can easily feel like a roller coaster ride.

It takes a special set of communication skills to be a good mediator. Remember, the goal of a good mediator is to reach a swift agreement with little harm done to anyone involved. S. DeBoer is not only qualified as a family mediator, she excels at it. Stephanie will help each party get what they want most while preserving the dignity and cordiality of the formal legal process. She is dedicated to truly benefiting her clients by offering great skill, knowledge of the law, and the ability to reach across the tables to get things done. Get a free law consultation from one of the best, local Montana family lawyers.

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In order to save you time, money, and heartache, hiring a family mediator might be the right way to go for your situation. Reach out to S. DeBoer Attorney at Law to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to see what kind of mediation might be of benefit for your family legal issue. Depending on how complex the family dynamic or how many assets or family members need considering, a final settlement can be reached relatively quickly and painlessly as compared to taking a family matter to trial.

If you can avoid going to court by coming together through the help of a skilled mediator such as S. DeBoer, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in attorney and court fees. You would also be able to save the months it would take to go to trial compared to the days or weeks to mediate a settlement. When you are interested in handling things with mindfulness and consideration, rely on S. DeBoer to be a steady hand to guide you to a swift conclusion of your family negotiation. Call for your free consultation today.

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