Redo Divorce Agreement When Wife Could Not Afford Attorney?

If your spouse reneges on a divorce agreement, there are a few ways to get yours back on track. One option is to go back to court and try to fix it. But that will only cost you more money in attorney fees. Another option is to fix the agreement before you finalize the divorce. 

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You should include boilerplate language in your divorce agreement 

Boilerplate language is very important in a divorce agreement. You should always include it when possible. This will help avoid ambiguity. For example, make sure that you clearly define spousal support and child support. You should also outline any attorney’s fees. 

You should consult with a family law attorney 

If you and your wife are getting a divorce, it may be time to consider a redo the divorce agreement. While reopening a divorce agreement can be tricky and challenging, it can be possible if extreme duress occurred. In some cases, it may be possible to have your divorce agreement redone for a lower price. 

You should file a response to a judge’s order 

If you’ve recently been ordered to redo a divorce agreement because your wife is draining the bank account, you should consider filing a response to the judge’s order. If your wife was unable to afford an attorney, she may have violated a standing temporary order. You can also consider requesting that the judge reopen your case. You’ll be in danger of losing credibility if you unilaterally empty your joint bank accounts. Moreover, it will cost your attorney more money and delay the conclusion of your divorce case. 

However, if you can’t afford an attorney, there’s another option: appealing the divorce decree. An appeal will take a long time, but you can try to get your divorce modified. Typically, an appeal can only challenge a judge’s decision if the terms of the decree were unfair. In addition, if the decree was unfair, your wife may be able to persuade the judge to reverse it. 

You should be brave in talking to your spouse about a divorce 

If you and your spouse have children, you shouldn’t be afraid of talking to your spouse about a divorce agreement. Divorce is not about being nice. It’s about power and control. You should not drag out the divorce process, or even worse, lose control over the kids. Instead, make your priorities your faith, your children, and your spouse. 

Although divorce can be an emotionally challenging time, it’s also an opportunity to get the most out of your life. Despite what you might think, you should view your attorney as a professional you’re paying for. Although you should listen to the advice of your attorney, make your own decisions. If your spouse isn’t willing to hire an attorney, try to settle for a lump sum settlement if possible.