Can Someone Who Practices Family Law Handle Divorce? 

Can someone who practices family law handle divorce? The answer may be a resounding yes! There are many benefits to becoming a divorce attorney, but what are the specific education requirements? And how much money can you make as a divorce lawyer? Keep reading for more information. You can become a divorce attorney by completing a postgraduate degree in the field, or you can begin by getting a job in a small firm. 

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Working as a family law attorney 

When choosing an attorney to handle a divorce, look for someone who has handled several complex cases. Experience is the best teacher. You may not have any experience with divorce, but if you have a family law specialist on your side, you will be more confident during the process. Experience also means that you will be getting better representation, which is a major plus if your divorce is complicated. 

Aside from legal training, you will need to have good communication skills. You will have to communicate with people and be able to listen to them. You should have excellent oral communication skills, as you will be dealing with family law cases. If you’re considering a career in this field, internships with organizations like Kids’ Voice and Family Legal Services will be invaluable. Make sure to be persistent and stay on top of your game. 

Career options 

Family law is an extremely broad field, with many potential career paths. As a family lawyer, you will need to be able to deal with difficult clients and negotiate effectively. You should also have strong communication and organizational skills since many court proceedings can be very time-sensitive. If you have these skills, you may enjoy working in this field. Listed below are some career options for someone who practices family law. Also, you should be comfortable with conflicting personalities. 

A passion for helping people is required for this field. Applicants must be able to separate their emotions from their clients’ situations while remaining professional. The work itself can be emotionally challenging, so the right temperament is crucial. A family lawyer must be willing to help clients overcome their emotional problems and navigate a complex legal system. There are also numerous potential avenues for advancement, such as assisting lawyers who practice in this area with their practices. 

Education requirements 

If you want to become a family lawyer, you need to know what education requirements are required for practicing this type of law. There are many different ways to go about completing this educational program. You can pursue a certificate in this area. You can obtain this certificate after you have completed all of the requirements for the JD. You will need to complete 15 credits of approved family law courses, including two required courses and three electives. For this course, you must earn a minimum 3.0 GPA. 

Before attending law school, you should research local law schools with programs in family law. The law school’s website will provide information about the field, including courses and experiential learning opportunities. If you have time, visit different law schools to learn more about the curriculum. If possible, try to schedule an appointment with a professor who specializes in family law. If you can’t find a professor, contact the school’s admissions office and ask for an appointment. 


The compensation for someone who practices family law is generally higher than the pay of attorneys in other professions. Often family attorneys deal with issues about child support and alimony payments, and they are often responsible for presenting their clients’ financial plans in court. They represent their clients during a difficult times in their lives, and they should be well-versed in a range of subjects, including real estate and psychology. Experience in dealing with child abuse and domestic violence is also helpful. 

The average salary for a family LAW attorney can range anywhere from $75,000 to $155,500 per year. Top earners earn more than $140,000 annually. While salaries may vary by city, experience, education, and years of experience, the average family attorney salary range is approximately $88,000 per year. In addition to the range, many factors will impact compensation for family law attorneys. Compensation for an attorney in this field varies widely, depending on the location, years of experience, and firm size.