Get a Divorce Without an Attorney 

If you cannot afford the fees of a divorce attorney, there are many ways to get your divorce without one. You can also get a divorce without an attorney by going to family court yourself. Here are some ways to get a divorce without an attorney: 


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Cost of a divorce attorney 

The costs of a divorce lawyer may seem daunting, but they don’t have to be. Many jurisdictions offer fee waivers for low-income couples. Divorce lawyers usually charge by the hour, so the initial building block of the cost is an hourly rate. We surveyed attorneys in New York and found that the minimum and maximum hourly rates were $305 and $380 respectively. This range is likely to rise dramatically if you have children or assets. 

It is important to understand that hiring a divorce attorney is an investment, and the cost of a divorce lawyer is no exception. However, it’s a necessary cost to protect yourself and your family from further problems. The costs of a divorce attorney depend largely on whether the couple can agree on a final settlement, and whether the attorney can help the parties negotiate an amicable settlement. While divorce attorneys aren’t mandatory in New York, they can save you time and money. If your marriage has ended, consider a mediator, who will be able to facilitate face-to-face negotiations for a fraction of the cost. 

Getting a divorce without an attorney 

If you can’t afford to hire an attorney, you may be tempted to go it alone. However, doing so may have its risks. For example, if your partner is physically or mentally abusive, you may need a legal team to help you. An attorney can help you with asset settlements and custody issues. You may lose your parental rights, too. It’s also important to make sure your partner is trustworthy, otherwise, you might not be able to get a divorce without an attorney. 

Alternatively, you can opt for free legal aid. In many areas, there are private organizations that offer free legal help. Another option is to check the courthouse and municipal building for divorce services. Getting a divorce is never easy, but these tips will make the financial aspect a little easier to handle. You should give yourself at least one week’s notice to make an appointment. 

Going to family court if you can’t afford an attorney 

If you cannot afford a divorce attorney, there are several other options you can try. Many counties and states offer self-help resources. The county clerk or the neighboring counties may have information on the divorce process. In New York City, you can try getting a divorce certificate from the state Department of Health. This office does charge a fee, but you will get a copy of the divorce certificate you need. 

If you can’t afford an attorney, you can file a petition yourself. DIY forms ask you questions about the case and turn them into legally binding documents. You can file your divorce documents in general or choose a divorce attorney who will let you pay for them in installments. There are also free forms available online for supreme court and pro bono attorneys. LawHelpNY has a database of pro bono lawyers and low-cost legal clinics in your area. Community dispute resolution centers are also available in each county. These centers are designed to help low-income litigants resolve their cases without going to court.