There are many reasons why you might want to hire a divorce attorney, but if you are wondering what all that fuss is about, read on. You will learn what the process involves, what the attorney will do for you, and how much they will charge. If you want to avoid the stress and expense of hiring a lawyer, you can work to reach a mutual agreement before you start the divorce process. If you can’t agree, you may wish to hire a mediator or divorce attorney to help you. Be prepared to bring a tax return or balance sheet of your assets and income to the meeting with you.

Getting a divorce without a lawyer

In some cases, you may be able to get a divorce without a lawyer. A petition is an official document that informs the court that you are divorcing your spouse. The petition specifies the terms of the divorce, what you want to keep, and how you will divide marital property. It will also detail how many days you will have parenting time with your minor children. Your petition will be assigned a case number from the court and published to your spouse, if you know his/her address.

While getting a divorce without a lawyer may seem like a good way to save money, most lawyers advise against it. Not only can you end up owing more money than you intended in support and property settlement, but you might also end up with an unfavorable property settlement. That’s why getting a divorce without a lawyer is a risky endeavor. But it’s possible if you know what you’re doing.

A divorce without a lawyer is not advised for people with mental health problems, which can have serious consequences. It can compromise custody of children or affect asset settlement. Even if you think you’re good with your spouse, you may not be able to trust him/her with your life’s details. A divorce without a lawyer could lead to legal problems and even lose you your parental rights. Make sure you’re completely honest and trust your spouse, or you could end up with a divorce that doesn’t work out well for you.

Getting a divorce with a lawyer

Whether you are filing for a dissolution of marriage, alimony, or child custody, it is important to know what to bring to the divorce attorney. The documents you bring will play an important role in determining how much each party gets in the end. Make copies of your income tax returns, paycheck stubs, and business and personal tax forms. If your spouse is self-employed, bring copies of your business and tax forms, as well as any retirement accounts you may own.

One of the major expenses associated with divorce is service of process. If your spouse is agreeable to sign the acknowledgement of service, this process is not complicated. If not, your spouse may want to prolong the divorce, frustrate you, and make it even more difficult for you to get the divorce finalized. Instead of going through the trouble yourself, you can pay a lawyer to deliver the documents. This will likely cost you a few dollars but will prevent the case from getting delayed.

A divorce attorney is not necessary if the couple agrees to file for mediation. The mediator will help the couple come to an agreement on the terms of the divorce. Although attorneys cannot enter the mediation sessions, they can be involved if necessary. This option is particularly advantageous when a divorce is contested and the spouses disagree on important issues. In addition to negotiating the terms of the divorce, a divorce attorney can also help the parties settle on an affordable amount of assets and debts.

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