How to Choose a Good Family Law Attorney

When choosing a family law attorney, you should consider several factors. These characteristics include Objectivity, Cost, and Responsiveness. If you want to find a good lawyer, consider these factors to determine their suitability for your case. After all, you will be working closely with this professional for months. The attorney should be someone you can trust and who can alleviate your stress. Listed below are several tips for selecting a family law attorney.

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Objectivity is important to a good family law attorney

In a legal crisis, objectivity is the key to achieving the best outcome. When examining your case, a good attorney will not see everything in black and white terms. A great family law attorney will recognize that some issues are not as black and white as you may think. Objectivity means considering all of the possibilities and giving yourself an unbiased opinion. A good attorney will strive to build a strong rapport with their clients and establish a good attorney-client relationship.

An objective family law attorney will always be honest about the likelihood of achieving a certain outcome. He or she will stress that you must set realistic objectives, otherwise, your expectations may not be met. Making unrealistic promises will only lead to disappointed clients. Furthermore, judges are less likely to favor frivolous cases. Hence, a good family law attorney will be able to maintain your level of emotions and make the right decision for you.


One of the most important criteria in evaluating the responsiveness of a family law attorney is how quickly they respond to client inquiries. Most attorneys are eager to retain new clients and will respond promptly to initial inquiries. Be wary of any attorney who takes days or weeks to respond to you, as they are unlikely to improve their service after receiving retainer fees. To avoid dealing with a slow-moving attorney, you should choose an experienced family law attorney with a reputation for responsiveness.

The responsiveness of a family law attorney can be evaluated by asking about their experience in cases similar to yours. If an attorney has handled similar cases to yours, ask about the outcomes and how the cases were handled. A lawyer who has handled many cases like yours will be familiar with the intricacies of family law and can effectively defend you against all potential issues. A family law attorney with a strong track record can provide an aggressive defense of your case without sacrificing personal communication.


The cost of hiring a good family law attorney is dependent on a variety of factors. The type of case that you are involved in and the complexity of the issues can play a major role in the cost. An attorney’s hourly rates will also depend on the type of representation that you need. In some cases, an attorney may bundle his or her services to lower the overall cost. The hourly rates of family law attorneys vary greatly from state to state. In California, a typical hourly rate is around $350 per hour, while in Tennessee, the average hourly rate is $200 to $300.

In addition to focusing on hourly rates, you should consider whether you need full-service representation or just limited assistance. While most attorneys want to serve you as a “full-service” client, you can opt for unbundled services and get specialized help with the case at a lower price. For instance, you may only need an attorney to attend court appearances and draft a will. However, you can also choose to receive less-specialized services if your case is not as complicated.