How Can I Get Full Custody of My Child? 

One of the first questions many parents have when getting a divorce is “How can I get full custody of my child?” Whether a parent is exhibiting irrational and unpredictable behavior is a serious concern, and if so, the court will consider granting sole custody. A parent can also modify visitation or custody of their child if the other parent has failed to live up to their responsibilities.

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Sole custody 

The main step in winning sole custody of your child is to prove that the other parent is a significant risk to your child. If you can show that the other parent has hurt the child, the court will probably grant you custody of your child. If you can’t prove that, the court will consider factors like the relationship of the parents and the distance between them. The court will also consider the nanny’s age and your age. 

There are several reasons why you would want sole custody of your child. Sometimes, one parent just can’t take care of the child. Perhaps you’re incarcerated and can’t provide the children with a home environment. You might be afraid of another parent and want sole custody of your child to keep them safe and secure. In this case, you can seek court intervention. The lawyer from Wolfe & Stec can help you with the legal process and ensure that you have full custody of your child. 

Protecting a child from a parent who exhibits irrational and unpredictable behavior 

A parent who displays irrational or unpredictable behavior should be removed from a child’s life. If a parent is dangerously ill, the child should be removed from the situation. This can be a tough decision, but it’s essential for the safety of a child. In some cases, the parent may be a suicidal danger. 

Modifying custody or visitation 

There are several reasons why you might want to change a court order governing custody or visitation. In some instances, the custodial parent does not have the time or means to devote to the child. The other parent may have a health problem, lose a job, or even go to jail. In these cases, the judge will likely modify the order. Another good reason to change an order is if you believe that your child is unsafe or abused. 

Another common reason to seek a modification of a custody or visitation order is a change in your circumstances. If you move to a new state, you can ask the court to change your order. The court may also modify a visitation schedule if you have changed your living situation. In Georgia, children can choose which parent they would like to live with when they reach certain ages.