How Can I Take Full Custody of My Child Without a Lawyer? 

If you want to know how to take full custody of a child, the best way to go about it is to work with a family law attorney. This can help you avoid common mistakes and increase your chances of getting custody. 

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To prove that you deserve full custody of your child, you’ll need to present an array of evidence. Your child’s education, health, and extracurricular activities will all be considered. A family law firm can also evaluate your case and provide you with a list of possible witnesses. 

Depending on your situation, you might have to prove that your ex is unfit to be a parent. You might be forced to pay monthly child support payments. In addition to that, you can also get supervised visitation rights if you have a drug or alcohol problem. However, you should note that most courts will only grant full custody of a child to parents who have been married to each other for at least two years. 

Another factor to consider is the routine of your child. This is a big deal, but it doesn’t mean that your ex should be allowed to make small decisions regarding the care of your child. Instead, think from the other parent’s point of view and come to a decision together. 

Another way to show that you’re the parent of choice is to work out a parenting plan. You can also contact your ex-spouse through a process called mediation. While you’ll still need to file a petition with the court, you may be able to avoid a costly trial. 

One of the most important reasons to hire a family law attorney is that you can learn more about the legal and financial requirements of your case. For instance, if you’re asked to pay monthly child support payments, you might not be able to afford it. 

A lawyer can also explain how to prepare for the child custody evaluation. This can involve a lot of paperwork and may be time consuming. The judge will likely ask you to submit a parenting plan. Make sure you have a well-organized file with all of the relevant information. 

When it comes to the court’s decision-making process, you will be judged on how much you’ve actually tried to resolve the dispute on your own. It’s not a bad idea to keep a journal to document your efforts. By the same token, you should be discreet when interacting with your child. 

To win your child’s heart and mind, you’ll need to follow the legal etiquette. Getting full custody of your child isn’t easy, but with the right attorney on your side, the job can be done. After all, you’re trying to protect your child from a crazed or mentally unstable parent. 

So what are your options? A family law attorney can explain the process and offer advice if needed. Even though this is a tough and expensive decision, it’s one that you can’t ignore.