How Attorneys in Family Law Can Help You 

You may be wondering how attorneys in family law can help you. There are several options, including Self-help centers, lawyers, volunteers, clinics, and more. Listed below are some common areas where attorneys can help you. Read on to learn more. In some states, divorce is only available to couples who are of the same sex, while in others, marriages between the opposite sex are only permitted if the couple has children.

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Self-help centers 

The Legal Self-Help Project provides information and training for individuals seeking help with legal matters. The materials include sample instructional handouts created by courts, translations, brochures, and tips for appearing in court. The website includes a list of resources for California court systems. The Self-Help Centers are located in every court in California. They are open to the public free of charge. They can assist you in filing documents and serving opposing parties. 

The Ventura County Superior Court has self-help centers. The Ventura County Bar Association provides resources to clients, such as a directory of local attorneys and a lawyer referral service. The California Courts’ On-Line Self-Help Center is another comprehensive resource. In addition, the Neighborhood Justice Center offers information on community resources and legal issues. In addition, the California Courts Online Self-Help Center provides resources related to family law. 


Hiring a family law firm is essential if you are involved in a child custody battle, are negotiating child support, or are going through a highly contested divorce. Hiring an attorney will take the emotions out of the situation and allow you to focus on the legal issues at hand. However, you should never hire an attorney based solely on their credentials. Instead, choose someone you feel comfortable with and who is invested in your case. 

In New York, Randi L. Karmel, PLLC, handles divorce and family law matters. He specializes in spousal maintenance and child support, as well as family trials. He is bilingual and speaks Spanish. His practice is dedicated to family law and mediation, and he is available to handle same-sex divorces. You can contact him to discuss your specific case. If you’re looking for a lawyer, you have many choices. 


If you are interested in volunteering to help people in need, you may want to consider helping a local legal aid clinic. The clinic offers free legal advice and helps people file court documents. Volunteer attorneys work with clients in a clinic rather than appearing in court. First, you’ll screen clients to determine eligibility, legal merit, and need for representation. Each clinic is scheduled for two hours, and volunteers meet with four clients for about 20 to 30 minutes. Most clinics are designed to clarify legal issues, rather than provide ongoing representation. Before each appointment, a volunteer paralegal will meet with clients to help them access resources and the forms they need to file their cases. 

The Law Office of the San Bernardino County Legal Aid Society will hold office hours in Barstow starting on October 26. Volunteer attorneys will provide free legal advice and file court documents for low-income residents. The office will also provide free legal advice to help people who are displaced because of abuse or need to get away from the country. BayLegal is an excellent organization to volunteer for. Volunteers are trained to obtain a PFA and learn the basics of family law. 


There are many benefits to working at a clinic for family law help. Clinics allow students to get hands-on experience with clients and learn about the legal system. Students participate in seminars and engage in activities that include group strategizing, lectures, simulations, and participatory exercises. Students learn about a wide range of topics, including child custody, divorce, and paternity. They may also be tasked with drafting documents or serving as law guardians for children. 

Clinics are an excellent way to get legal help in a variety of different areas. The Child Welfare Clinic works to address the systemic inequality and indignity faced by parents of children in the child welfare system. Other family law clinics help with immigration matters. The programs are also accessible to low-income clients. While most of the clinics specialize in one area of the law, many serve a range of needs. If you need help with your divorce, consider working with a clinic in your area.