How Much Does it Cost to Get a Divorce Attorney? 

If you’re thinking about getting divorced, you may be wondering how much it will cost. This is a question that can be stressful, but it’s also an important one to ask because it will help you determine whether or not you want to hire an attorney to represent you in your case. 

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The average cost of a divorce can vary depending on the issues that you have and your personal financial situation, but most couples will need a lawyer to help navigate the process. This is because the law can be confusing and complex. Plus, the process involves a lot of paperwork and waiting periods. 

A contested divorce can be more expensive than an uncontested divorce because it can involve significant legal work, especially if there are disputes over child custody and support. In addition, a contested divorce will likely go to the court where your lawyer will need to fight for you in front of a judge. 

Some lawyers charge hourly rates, while others bill on a flat fee or sliding scale based on your income level. Some also offer a contingency fee that means they’ll only get paid if your case ends in success. 

Divorce lawyers who work on a flat fee basis may be more affordable than those who charge an hourly rate. However, you should make sure the flat fee is not higher than what you would have to pay if your case went to trial. 

Choosing the right divorce attorney for your needs is crucial because it will affect your entire experience. You need an attorney who aligns with your approach to the case and has a comfort level with you and your family. You also want someone who is experienced in the area of family law and has handled cases similar to yours in the past. 


The best divorce attorneys are experts in the field of family law and have years of experience handling family-related issues. Look for one with a lot of expertise on issues like child custody, property division, and alimony. You can also check to see if they’ve worked with or been on a panel at your state’s bar association, which is a good indicator of their knowledge and ability to handle your case effectively. 

A good divorce attorney will understand the law in your jurisdiction and know how to use it to your advantage. In addition, an experienced lawyer should be familiar with the judges in your jurisdiction and how they’ve ruled in the past. 

Filing fees for divorce petitions vary by state and county, but they can range from about $100 to over $400 in some states. These fees can be waived in some circumstances, such as when you have no children or meet other qualifications for simplified proceedings. 

If your divorce is contested, you will have to pay additional costs, such as court filing fees, attorney fees, and financing the costs of experts like real estate appraisers, accountants, or professional child custody evaluators. This can add up quickly, and it’s important to find a divorce lawyer who will be reasonable in his or her billing arrangements.