How to Find a Family Law Attorney?

One of the best places to find a family law attorney is a personal referral. The fact is, you aren’t the first person in your circle of friends and family to need help with child custody or divorce. By approaching your network of contacts, you will get an idea of the personality of a particular lawyer and his or her approach to family law. Personal referrals are more credible than marketing materials, and they can help you avoid making mistakes when choosing an attorney. 

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Questions to ask a potential family law attorney 

Before hiring a family law attorney, it is important to ask specific questions about the lawyer’s background and experience. For example, you may want to know how many similar cases they’ve handled and how many of those cases went to trial. This information will help you determine if the lawyer is the right fit for your case. 

Another important question to ask a potential family law attorney is about how they communicate with clients. Knowing how your lawyer prefers to communicate can help clients get answers quicker. Clients should know that they’ll spend a lot of time with their family lawyer, and they should be comfortable with the way he or she communicates. 


When you need legal assistance with a family law matter, it’s important to know how to estimate the cost of hiring a family lawyer. Attorneys typically bill their clients by the hour or in smaller increments, though their rates can vary. Additionally, individual attorneys may have different rates based on the types of cases they handle and the number of hours they spend preparing for trial. 

Many family law attorneys require a retainer. This money is put into a trust account and will be used to bill you for their services and to pay for other costs. Once your case is complete, the retainer money will be returned to you. 


Family law attorneys help clients in a wide variety of family issues, including divorce and child custody. Some focus solely on these types of cases, while others represent clients across multiple aspects of family law in their geographic region. Child custody is a particularly contentious topic, so it is important to choose a family law attorney with extensive experience in this area of law. 

Family law attorneys help clients through stressful situations, such as a divorce, child custody dispute, or an order of protection. Their job is not easy, however. They have to deal with difficult and challenging parties and navigate an often emotional landscape. 


Empathy is important when it comes to family law cases. Sadly, empathy can be a dangerous thing in this field. As a result, attorneys must be careful not to over-comempathize, because it clouds judgment and prevents them from offering sound advice. Additionally, attorneys who take on the client’s emotions will often make poor strategic decisions, which will lead to a less-than-stellar outcome. 

Compassion is another important characteristic to look for in a family law attorney. A good family law attorney will have a deep understanding of the opposing position. In cases where one spouse is abusing the other, the attorney needs to be sympathetic and empathic. However, it can be dangerous for an attorney to show empathy for the abuser. 


Family law attorney specialization is an important step to ensuring that you are a skilled, competent family law attorney. Currently, only about 1,200 attorneys in the US are certified as specialists in the field. These lawyers have specialized training in family law, a high level of experience, and must meet certain qualifications to maintain certification. They must have at least five years of experience in this field and pass a written examination. Additionally, they must maintain good peer recognition. 

Family lawyers must have excellent communication, critical thinking, and research skills to ensure that their clients’ needs are met. They must also have an ability to relate to emotionally sensitive clients. Choosing a specialization in this area can be a rewarding choice, as the work relates to many important issues in society.