How to Check Child Trust Fund?

The government created a Child Trust Fund to help young people save for their future. It is a tax-free saving account for children. You can check your child’s Child Trust Fund through the Government Gateway. If you are a parent or guardian you can contact your child’s provider to change their details and take control of their account. However, you may have to pay extra fees to do this. 

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This type of savings account was introduced in 2002 to encourage children to save for their future. A Child Trust Fund can be used for many different purposes. For example, you can use the money to buy a home or rent a property. Or you can use the money to fund a rainy day. All investments carry risk. 

To use the Child Trust Fund you need to be at least 16 years old. You can also make payments into your child’s account. But you can’t withdraw the money until your child turns 18. 

There are two main types of Child Trust Fund. One is a stakeholder account, which can accept PS10; the other is a Bank Child Trust Fund, which lets you invest up to $4,260 per year. In either case, you can invest as a lump sum or as regular payments. 

When you have found the Child Trust Fund you want to use, you should check the terms and conditions. You should ask about the fees and charges for operating the account. Many providers charge a small fee, but others can require you to make larger payments. Depending on your circumstances you can apply to have the Court of Protection waive the fees. 

You may have lost track of your child’s Child Trust Fund. Fortunately, HMRC can track it down for you. The government estimates there are around 700,000 dormant accounts. If you are unable to locate your child’s Child Trust Fund, you should speak to your children. They should have the right paperwork to open the account. Alternatively, you could look for a new provider. 

The government has published a leaflet on Child Trust Funds. Luckily, it is quite simple to find a Child Trust Fund and make an online payment. You can do this by signing into the Government Gateway. Once you have the requisite information, you should receive a reply within fifteen days. 

You should be aware that you are not permitted to take out the money from your Child Trust Fund until your child turns 18. If you are a parent, you can continue to be your child’s Registered Contact, and you can apply to have the court waive the fees if you believe you are entitled. 

Whether you have the ability to check your child’s Child Trust Fund or not, you should start saving for your child’s future. Not only will it be a good idea to set a little aside, but it can help to reduce your need to borrow later on. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find your missing Child Trust Fund soon.