How to Fire Your Family Law Attorney 

How to fire your family law attorney may be an important question for you, especially if there are hearings scheduled in the near future. While it may seem hard to fire an attorney, you are always entitled to do so. Luckily, there is no need to give a reason, be rude, or hire a new one. Here are some steps to consider. Read on to learn how to fire your family law attorney.

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You have the right 

Firing your family law attorney is not easy. The divorce process is far different than the typical experience. Courts move slowly and the case may take a year to finalize. This may be due to a number of reasons, from miscommunication to different expectations. Before you decide to fire your family law attorney, consider the following information. What is bothering you? Are you not getting the results you want? 

You don’t have to give a reason 

If your relationship with your family law attorney is not working out as expected, you should consider hiring a new one. This professional relationship can make or break your case. It is not uncommon for lawyers to overlook small details, or get confused with other cases. If your attorney is forgetful, you may have to remind them of the details to move the case forward. Other problems with your family law attorney might include forgetting important dates, court hearing dates, and documents, all of which can lead to confusion and frustration. 

You don’t have to hire a new attorney 

A family law attorney can help you protect your assets, especially if you are considering divorce. Family lawyers are trained in various aspects of family law, and they can help you draft documents and negotiate with other attorneys on your behalf. A good lawyer can help you avoid the pitfalls and hassles that can occur during a divorce. Here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a family law attorney. 

You can get a second opinion before firing a family law attorney 

If you are unhappy with the way your family law attorney handles your case, you should seek a second opinion before paying a retainer. There are a few reasons to do so, including personality and style issues. An incompetent attorney may not understand family law well enough to provide proper legal counsel or may hide their lack of skill by adopting a bellicose style. The attorney may also be illiterate on family dynamics and psychology.