How to Get a Divorce Without an Attorney 

You may have heard that getting a divorce without an attorney is a bad idea. That may be true, but it doesn’t mean you should not try. Here are a few tips for a quick and efficient divorce. Whether you’re doing it alone or with the help of an attorney, make sure to follow these steps before filing for divorce. After all, you don’t want to be paying an attorney for services you’re not getting.

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Getting a divorce without an attorney is a terrible idea 

If your relationship has broken down and you want to get a divorce, it’s a good idea to hire an attorney to represent you. Not only can an attorney make your divorce more efficient, but you’ll also save money. In some cases, it’s even possible to handle a divorce without a lawyer. If your relationship has been strained by infidelity, hiring an attorney is vital to your future happiness. 

It can be quick and efficient 

The two main reasons a couple gets a divorce are misconduct on one of the spouses’ part and lack of communication between the two. In such cases, a divorce attorney may be necessary. Depending on the nature of the misconduct, this can be an extremely complicated matter. Some of the reasons a divorce may not be as quick and efficient as a divorce with an attorney are the following: one of the spouses is a substance abuser or has mental health problems that make communication difficult. Similarly, a spouse may not know much about family finances or is unwilling to stand up for themselves. A divorce without an attorney may be quick and efficient for a couple who are on good terms and do not have to settle on divorce terms. However, a divorce without an attorney can be very complicated if there are issues related to children, domestic violence, 

It can save money 

You may think that getting a divorce will cost you an arm and a leg. You’ve probably heard horror stories about how expensive it can be to fight through court and win, but this can be a lot cheaper than you might think. Working with your spouse rather than going to court can save you money on attorney fees and court costs. The responding spouse generally files an answer to your divorce petition, and both parties will have to pay a mediator to settle the issues. 

It can be efficient 

If you don’t need a lawyer, filing a divorce yourself can be efficient. Filing first gives you more time to prepare your spouse. You have 20 days to reply to a default divorce, which gives you the upper hand. Gather all financial records and account numbers. Make sure you gather evidence for your custody battle. Before filing, you should be mentally and financially prepared for the divorce. 

It can be quick 

Depending on the situation, a quick divorce might be an excellent option. If your spouse doesn’t want to pay for an attorney, or if you’re on good terms with your spouse, this option may be the best choice for you. You’ll have to follow certain court procedures, such as documenting your attempts to locate your spouse and publishing a divorce notice for three weeks in the newspaper. Then, the divorce can be finalized.