How to Get Child Custody From a Narcissist?

Getting child custody from a narcissist can be challenging. It requires creative planning and careful preparation. You need to find a custody attorney that can help you work through the important factors in your case. You also need to develop a strategy for winning in court. 

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Using self-help materials can be helpful. But they often contain information written by nonprofessionals. If you want to know how to get child custody from a narcissist, you need to seek professional help. In addition, you need to document all of your evidence and keep records of everything you do. 

If you are a victim of a narcissist, you need to visit a domestic violence center. These centers will help you and your children stay safe and secure. They can also give you information about resources for your situation. 

It is important to remember that narcissists do not care about their children. If you are in a custody battle, a narcissist can use their own emotional mistakes against you in court. 

It is important to remember that narcissists are masters of illusion. They can make you feel guilty or emotional, which makes them more likely to hurt you. You need to work with your lawyer to make sure that you can show the court that you are the best parent for your children. 

If you think your narcissist is abusive, you can apply for a restraining order. The judge will need to determine if the restraining order will protect you and your children. You can also ask the court to order a psychological evaluation. The judge will use your evidence to make the decision about custody. 

You should also avoid talking to your narcissist if at all possible. If you can’t avoid them, you should find a way to limit the amount of contact you have with them. If possible, avoid talking on the phone and writing them emails. You can also leave messages on their voicemail. 

If you have a narcissist in your home, you should avoid communicating with them during your parenting time. The narcissist may not be at birthday parties or sports games, and may not attend parent-teacher conferences. In addition, they may not attend doctor appointments. 

The best way to protect your children is to establish clear boundaries. You should never ask them to spy on their other parent or deliver a message to them. You should also never ask them to deliver a message to you. 

You should also avoid talking to your narcissist about anything that may come up in court. You should also avoid leaving any unpleasant messages on their voicemail. You should keep a diary if possible, and write as if you are reading it aloud in court. 

Finally, you should try to get your children to speak up about their problems. If your children are not comfortable with your narcissist, you should invite them to speak up. They can also give you examples of troubling behavior that may be problematic.