How to Get Custody of a Child Without Going to Court?

If you want custody of your child, but are afraid to go to court, mediation can help you achieve your goal. The goal of mediation is to create an agreement between both parents, which should cover all the relevant issues, including legal and physical custody, visitation arrangements, and child support. The agreement should be signed by both parties and be as comprehensive as possible. 

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Mediation is a great way to get custody of a child without going to court 

Mediation is a highly effective way to get custody of a child without the need for a courtroom appearance. The process is confidential and the parties are allowed to freely speak without the worry of disclosure. It is also a much more affordable way to resolve custody disputes. Moreover, it helps to reduce conflict and animosity between parents. 

Ensure the agreement is clear and includes provisions for legal and physical custody, visitation arrangements, and child support 

Legal and physical custody are important aspects of a child custody arrangement. Most states award joint legal custody, meaning both parents have equal say over major decisions, such as a child’s religious upbringing, education, and health care. If a child lives with one parent solely, it is important to explain which parent will have sole legal custody. 

Ensure the agreement is signed by both parents 

If the child lives in a different state than the parents, it is possible to get custody of the child if both parents sign the custody agreement. However, this is not a quick process. You must go to court to seek custody of the child in the state where the child lives. 

Consider the child’s age 

When considering who will get custody of a child, take the child’s age into account. In most states, it’s presumed that a child over the age of 14 is more mature and will have more input than a younger child. However, some states will take the opinion of a child under the age of 12 into account. 

Negotiate a parenting plan 

In order to achieve the best custody arrangement for your child, you will need to communicate openly with your ex-spouse and try to compromise as much as possible. Changing routines and the transfer of possessions can be upsetting to children, and you will need to find a solution that works for both parties. For example, you may decide that your child will live with you at the beginning of the week or during the school year, while the other parent will live with the child for weekends, holidays, and summer vacations. Your parenting plan should also include the schedule of how the child will be visited by the other parent.