How to Get Full Custody of Child If Not Married?

If you’re an unmarried parent, you may wonder how to get full custody of your child. There are several options available to you, but you’ll need to know the facts in order to make a good decision. You also need to understand that courts will look at a number of factors before deciding on a custody arrangement. 

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For example, the court system will consider your ability to make important decisions on behalf of your child. This can include medical care, religious activities, and schooling. If you want to see your child, you’ll need to work with a lawyer to ensure that you’re getting what you’re entitled to. 

One of the best things that you can do is to make sure that you have a parenting plan in place. You can work with a mediator to help you see past your own feelings and come up with a plan that works for the both of you. A parenting plan should detail your plans for how you’ll be involved with your child in the future. This will help the judge make a sound judgment on your case. 

Another way to ensure that you have a strong relationship with your child is to establish visitation time. You can do this by filing a petition with the court. You’ll have to provide proof that you’re a fit parent for the child, but the judge is not likely to rule against you if you can show that you will take care of your child. Depending on the circumstances, you might be able to receive overnight custody of your child. 

If you live together and are married, you can also seek child custody if you and your partner cannot agree on a parenting arrangement. The court will award joint legal custody of the child to you and your spouse. You’ll have to abide by this custody agreement. You may be required to take DNA tests to establish your parental rights. 

While you are working with your attorney, you’ll also need to prepare a detailed list of information related to the custody situation. For example, if your husband lives far away from your child, you’ll need to consider how that would affect your parenting time schedule. A court will want to minimize any disruptions to your child’s life. If you and your spouse are able to come to an agreement, you should use that as your main focus. If you can’t, you might have to go back to square one. 

A final step to securing your rights as a parent is to file a paternity action. This is an easy way to establish your legal right to have a child. If you can prove your father’s paternity, you’ll be able to petition for time-sharing rights. Having this type of right will allow you to have more contact with your child, and it can also build your bond with your child. 

If you are an unmarried parent and you’re interested in how to get full custody of your child, it’s essential to consult a lawyer as soon as possible. This will help you establish the legal foundation of your parenting relationship and protect your interests.