How to Get Full Custody of Your Child After a Divorce?

When you want full custody of your child, you will have to demonstrate that your relationship with the child is the best for both of you. This may mean that you’ll need to have supervised visitation with the other parent, but the family court is unlikely to deny you access to your child. You’ll also have to prove that you can provide a stable home life for your child.

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Legally proving that sole custody is in the child’s best interests 

If you want sole custody of your child, there are several steps you must take to prove it. First, you must file a request with the court. Then, you will need to fill out the required paperwork and serve your ex-spouse with the papers. This can be challenging, especially if your ex is refusing to cooperate with your parenting plan. You may need the assistance of an intermediary to help you with the process. 

The best interest of a child is a standard that almost all courts use when making custody decisions. This standard is based on the child’s health, safety, and welfare. A judge will consider many factors when determining which parent is best suited to raise the child. 

Supporting the mother and child 

Child support is a key element of the child custody process. The person responsible for paying child support must provide documentation that shows how much they earn and how much money they spend on their child. If they don’t pay child support, the court will order them to provide it. 

Avoiding demonizing your former spouse 

If you are trying to get full custody of your child after a divorce, avoid demonizing your former spouse to win the case. This can negatively impact your case and the relationship you have with your ex-spouse. Moreover, badmouthing your ex-spouse will also hurt your kids’ perception of your marriage.