How to Obtain Custody of a Child 

When trying to get custody of your child, you may wonder how to go about it. There are many different options, including hiring a lawyer to handle the filing and opening of your case. If you hire a lawyer, the lawyer will take care of all the legwork, including researching state laws and filling out the proper paperwork. In many cases, these forms are available online. You can also file your case on your own, but it’s generally better to have a lawyer do this for you. 


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Obtaining custody is a serious matter that only parents and the courts can decide 

The court will consider factors such as the child’s best interest. Most custody decisions are based on this standard. A judge will also consider the child’s wishes if it is the best thing for the child. However, there are certain factors that should be considered in custody cases, regardless of the age of the child. 

The court will also consider the physical health of the parents. Although the physical disability of a parent should not play a huge role in custody, it can be considered if it is materially affecting a parent’s ability to care for the child. The court will weigh these factors and decide which parent has the best interests of the child. 

There are court rules for obtaining custody 

A parent who wishes to obtain custody of a child must file an order with the court in the state where the child resides. This process is known as the service of process. After filing, it is important to obtain proof that the other parent received the complaint. In the state of New York, this can be done by obtaining the child’s custody order. 

Child custody usually goes to the other parent if a parent dies, but a judge may also consider the wishes of the deceased parent when determining custody. This can be done through a guardianship application, which is often made in a will. You should consult a lawyer before attempting to seek custody of a child through guardianship. 

Non-parents can also gain custody 

Non-parents can gain custody of a child if they can prove that they can best meet the child’s needs and are the closest thing to the child’s natural parent. This is possible only if the natural parent has signed a binding agreement with the non-parent. However, the court can modify a custody award if the non-parent is not meeting the child’s needs. 

Another way for non-parents to get custody of a child is through guardianship. This is the least contentious route, and the biological parents must give their consent in writing. It is the easiest way to gain custody, but the biological parents will not give up the right to revoke their consent. This is why non-parents should consult a legal advocate to ensure that their case is handled correctly. 

Filing for custody without a lawyer is not recommended 

When filing for custody, it’s essential to have an attorney on your side. Without legal assistance, your case could drag on for months or even years. If you’re attempting to switch custody because of abuse, it’s particularly important to have a lawyer to represent your interests. You can use an online directory such as New York Finding a Lawyer to find a local lawyer in your area. 

It’s important to understand the legal process, as well as the risks of representing yourself. Child custody cases are complex, and a lawyer can help guide you through the process and ensure your children’s safety. Before filing on your own, make sure you read Representing Yourself in a Civil Case and understand the legal system and the laws related to child custody cases. You may also wish to consider hiring a lawyer to review your papers before filing.