How to Reach Out to a Divorce Attorney for a Referral 

If you’re thinking about divorce and need a good attorney, you may be wondering how to reach out to a divorce attorney for a referral. In this article, we will discuss the various factors to look for when looking for an attorney. Among these factors are Experience, Conflict database, Portfolio, and Sources of referrals. We also examine the importance of these factors when choosing a divorce attorney. 


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Once you have your divorce case mapped out, it is time to interview potential attorneys. You can either conduct a free consultation with your top choice or pay for a meeting. The interview will help you learn about your desired outcome and your attorney’s style. You can also probe for the expertise and the comfort level with whom you can work. Lastly, it is important to understand how much the lawyer will charge for his or her services. 

Conflict Database 

If you need to hire a divorce attorney, it may be best to use a database of conflicts. The database will identify attorneys who conflict with a potential client, as well as anyone who might oppose the attorney. By preventing a potential client from communicating with a certain attorney, you can avoid the risk of getting your lawyer to represent the other side. Some spouses run to attorneys for initial consultations, but these relationships are not advisable. 


A successful practice grows when a family law attorney wins new clients and keeps their pipeline full of future cases. The field of family law is highly competitive, and general marketing strategies often don’t deliver the results needed to generate new leads. Divorce and employment lawyers require very different marketing strategies to attract clients. Following are five proven methods to increase your divorce and employment attorney referrals and grow your business. Listed below are examples of how to increase your leads and convert them into clients. 

Sources of referrals 

The best sources of divorce attorney referrals are those people who have been through the same legal problems as you. Among these people are those who have regular contact with lawyers such as accountants, insurance brokers, and real estate agents. Lawyers themselves can also refer clients to divorce attorneys. Be careful not to get a divorce attorney’s name from an antitrust lawyer, though. Referrals from other lawyers and former clients should be given greater weight. 

Hourly rate 

The hourly rate of a divorce attorney may vary depending on whether your spouse agrees to file for a divorce or not. In some states, if both spouses agree to the divorce, the hourly rate may be much lower than if the spouses are not in agreement. In such a case, the attorney may charge a higher hourly rate because of his/her experience and training. Regardless of the hourly rate, make sure to get a written estimate before choosing an attorney.