How to Win Child Custody Against a Narcissistic Mother?

If you are fighting child custody battles with a narcissistic mother, you should know that the first step is to document her behavior. This is very important in court. It also allows you to protect your children from her and avoid having unnecessary interactions with her. 


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Documenting narcissistic behavior to win child custody 

Documenting narcissistic behavior is an important aspect of any child custody case. It will help the court determine the best interest of the children, and it will help build your case. Be sure to keep copies of emails and social media posts to support your claims. You can also ask witnesses to testify about the abuse. Keep in mind that hearsay won’t hold much weight in court, so you need to be prepared to show evidence. 

Narcissists may also try to protect their children from the other parent by taking matters into their own hands. In a recent case, a narcissistic mother abducted her son and jumped from a building. In another case, a narcissistic mother kidnapped her son and fled to Costa Rica. These cases show the importance of protecting yourself from narcissistic abuse. 

Protecting your children from a narcissistic parent 

The first step in protecting your children from a narcis-stic parent is to recognize the signs of an NPD. Oftentimes, narcissistic parents will make their children feel invalidated and not believe their feelings. They may even lie to them about the reasons behind their actions or statements. This can be extremely damaging to a child’s trust in their parent. 

A narcissist with an over-inflated sense of self-importance often displays several harmful behaviors, such as being aggressive and demanding. Victims of this type of abuse often feel shame or worthlessness and blame themselves for the abuse. They may also feel that they deserve it. 

Protecting your children from a narcissistic ex 

If you’re a single mom, you’re probably already in a tough spot. Unfortunately, a divorce from a narcissist can have devastating effects on your children. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your children from a narcissistic ex. 

First, set boundaries. These can include setting up specific times when your ex can call your children during visitation. If your ex is a narcissist, establishing these boundaries can be difficult. If you’re able to get a court order, this can make it easier for you to set boundaries. 

Avoiding unnecessary interactions with a narcissistic parent 

Narcissistic parents often use joint custody as a weapon. They may withhold resources and consent and use the court system to thwart joint parenting. For this reason, it’s vital to avoid unnecessary interactions with a narcissistic parent. The best way to fight this tactic is to document all the behavior the parent is displaying toward the child. You may also have to ask the court for sole decision authority for the child. 

If you are unable to avoid unnecessary interactions with a narcissist parent, consider creating a parallel parenting schedule and a parenting plan. By creating a calendar and putting everything in writing, you will reduce the amount of conflict and unnecessary contact. The calendar should be shared between the parents, and any changes to the schedule should be done in writing. Also, use text messages and emails to communicate with the other parent, rather than speaking to them face-to-face.