How to Win Custody of a Child – How to Avoid Being the Aggressor?

How to win custody of a child is not an easy task. It can be especially tough if the other parent has a lawyer. The other parent can use this to their advantage and put the parents in a bad light in front of the kids. The key is to avoid being the aggressor. 

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A good mediator can help you negotiate your way through this process. Be wary of mediators that are unreasonable. They may try to make you agree to something that you are not willing to do. 

Keep a diary – You will need this when the other parent comes up with a great piece of evidence against you. It will also give you a sense of what to expect in your case. 

Keep your eye on the ball – You need to be on top of the game if you want to win the custody of a child. The court looks at the present and past to decide what’s best for your child. If you make a habit of violating court orders, this can put you in a bad light. However, if you are polite and show an effort to be a good parent, you should be in the clear. 

Be on your guard – You need to be careful about how you talk to your ex. For example, if you have a heated conversation with the other parent, you should not throw punches. It might seem like a small thing, but it can lead to bigger issues. If you are the one who is verbally abusing the other parent, you might not fare well in the custody battle. 

Do not be afraid to get a lawyer – You may need to go to court. The legal process can be emotionally taxing. It can take some time to recover, but it will pay off in the end. 

Educate yourself – You will need to learn more about the legal process, so you can better understand what to expect. You may need to watch Judge Judy, or find a local lawyer that specializes in family law. You will need to know what the court orders are and how you can comply with them. You can also prepare yourself for the possibility that your lawyer is going to have some dirty tricks up his or her sleeve. 

Do not neglect the other parents – If you are fighting for custody of a child, you should be keeping the other parent in the loop. Your children need two parents, and they are not just there to do your bidding. Taking steps to strengthen your relationship will increase your chances of winning the custody of a child. 

Be ready – The last thing you want is to have the other parent trying to poison your child’s relationship. It is important to be a good parent and a good human being. You should know what your child’s teachers and counselors are and you should have a good idea of what their needs are.