Is There a Timeframe When an Attorney Draw Up Divorce Paper to File It? 

A divorce requires several steps. One of them is to serve your spouse with two copies of the divorce petition and “Notice and Acknowledgment of Service.” You must also include a return envelope with the form so your spouse can sign and return it. Your spouse has 60 days to respond. After service, your divorce case will be scheduled on the court calendar. Then, you will need to file your divorce papers. 


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Documents needed for a divorce in Tennessee 

Before you can file for divorce in Tennessee, you need to gather the necessary documents. The divorce forms include the Complaint for Divorce, Summons, and the personal information form for each spouse. Other forms may be required by the local court. Once you have obtained all the necessary documents, you can verify them with a notary. It is crucial to ensure that your documents are filled correctly. You should also make sure that they are sworn and accurate. 

The grounds for divorce in Tennessee are the reasons that led to the divorce. In Tennessee, no-fault divorces are possible because the couple is unable to work out the details of their separation. However, fault-based divorces require the two parties to agree on the terms of the separation and must be finalized by the court. In this type of divorce, the spouses must agree in writing that they are no longer living together, and they must file a formal agreement describing this. 

Filing a divorce in a county where neither party lives 

If both spouses agree to file the divorce in the county where neither live, there are several steps to be taken. First, the papers must be served to the spouse. If the spouse does not respond, the divorce papers will be posted in the local newspaper for six weeks. The divorce process may be simple or complex, depending on whether the spouse signs the papers. 

When the divorce papers are prepared, the court must state the grounds on which the divorce can be granted. If the grounds are incorrect, the spouse may move the case out of the county in which the parties lived. When an attorney draws up the divorce paper, there is a timeframe that must elapse from the time the attorney draws up the divorce paper to the date the judge must decide. 

Getting a divorce on the court’s calendar 

Filing a divorce case requires filing the appropriate papers with the court clerk’s office. These documents are known as a Praecipe for Summons or Voluntary Appearance. Both parties must sign these papers to initiate the divorce case. If one party refuses to sign the documents, they can opt to do so. Getting a divorce on the court’s calendar requires some preparation and planning. 

Filing for a divorce requires that you serve your spouse within sixty days of filing the papers. If you file your divorce without serving your spouse and getting their signature, your case may be dismissed. Once served, you must also file a Voluntary Appearance signed by your spouse. Failure to serve your spouse within this time frame will result in the dismissal of your case. For this reason, it is essential to serve your spouse promptly.