Reasons Why I Should Have Custody of My Child?

Getting custody of a child can be a daunting process. If you are not sure about the best way to proceed, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney. Regardless of whether you decide to seek legal help, it’s important that you know your rights before starting the process. 

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The court will make a judgment about the best custody arrangement for your child. The judge will look at the parent’s behavior, lifestyle, physical and mental health, and whether or not the child would be safe under the parent’s care. If the judge believes the child would be safe with the other parent, the judge may give custody to that parent. 

The judge may also decide that the other parent should have supervised visitation. During supervised visitation, the other parent will be required to have supervision by a qualified third party. This type of visitation is best for children who are in danger. The parent who has been granted supervised visitation will need to show that they are improving their behavior. This could include attending parenting classes or receiving substance abuse treatment. The parent who has been awarded supervised visitation will also be required to have a record of successful visitations. 

The judge will also consider the parents’ ability to communicate with each other. If the parents cannot effectively communicate, the judge may order the parents to attend counseling or use parenting apps. This type of arrangement may be difficult to maintain, but it is necessary to ensure that the child stays safe. Depending on the circumstances, the judge may also require that parents work together to develop a mutually beneficial arrangement. 

If the parent is incarcerated, the judge may decide that the parent is unfit to care for the child. If the judge believes that the parent is unfit to care for their child, the judge may choose not to allow the child to visit with the parent. This can also be done if the parent is not able to provide adequate housing or provide a safe environment for their child. 

If the parent has abused the child, the judge may decide that the parent is detrimental to the child. For example, if a parent has abused the child, they may have failed to provide them with food, shelter, clothing, or supervision. This is a clear danger to the child. 

If the other parent is mentally unstable, the judge may decide that the child should not be exposed to them. For example, if the parent has a history of substance abuse, the judge will determine that the child is in danger. 

If the parents cannot come to an agreement, the only way to ensure that they have a reasonable custody arrangement is to go to court. This is the only way that the parents will be able to have a custody arrangement that is in their child’s best interest. If the court decides that the child would be safe under the parent’s supervision, they will award supervised visitation.