What Are Good Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney? 

Before hiring a divorce attorney, be sure to ask about the process, including cost estimates. You want to make sure the lawyer is open and honest about the process. You should also ask if the attorney is a good communicator and whether they’ll be honest with you. Once you have the answers to these questions, you can select a lawyer with whom you can have an open and honest conversation.

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Questions to ask a divorce attorney 

Whether you’re filing for a divorce on your own or with a spouse, there are certain questions you should ask a divorce attorney. While divorce procedures vary from state to state, you should find one with experience in your area. Asking the right questions during the consultation can help you navigate the complexities of divorce and find your ideal lawyer. While the answers to these questions may differ based on the circumstances of your case, they should help you prepare for the process. 

The most important questions to ask a divorce attorney include the nature and value of marital assets. For instance, do you have a current home or investment property? Are you sharing any other assets such as savings or checking accounts? Do you have children? If so, are they still living at home? How did you end up in this situation? What is your current living situation? These questions will help your lawyer determine the value of your assets and how you can divide them. 

Getting a cost estimate from a divorce lawyer 

While a retainer may be required to hire a divorce attorney, you can often negotiate a flat rate fee in exchange for a lower rate. For example, an attorney who charges two hundred fifty dollars an hour for legal research will cost twice as much as someone who charges three hundred dollars an hour for appearances in court. While an attorney’s estimate is not binding, you should be prepared to use it as your mental starting point. 

Depending on the complexity of your case, a divorce can be expensive. If there is a lot of property to be divided and there are children involved, the divorce will be even more complicated. Getting an estimate from a divorce lawyer is an important way to determine how much the whole process will cost. The best way to get a reliable estimate is to ask the county clerk’s office for the current fees for divorces in your state. 

Finding a lawyer who will be honest with you 

Choosing a divorce attorney who will be upfront with you is an important aspect of a successful case. A divorce lawyer should be upfront about how much time it will take to complete your case and how long it will take you to resolve it. Having realistic expectations of how long it will take will make the process easier for both parties. However, you should also be aware that you and your attorney will share an intimate bond over several months. You must choose a divorce attorney who will be upfront with you, as well as someone willing to be honest and forthright. 

You should never try to outwit your divorce attorney. This will cause the two of you to lose trust in one another and hurt your chances for a successful outcome. Your lawyer is just trying to represent you fairly and is legally bound to accept your version of events. By lying to your lawyer, you are damaging your relationship with your greatest ally. Be sure to trust your attorney and do not feel uncomfortable sharing details about your finances.