What Does a Family Law Paralegal Do? 

A family law paralegal’s job requires that they be readily available to clients when needed. They must have a strong background in family law and a passion for helping people. The role requires a lot of dedication and hard work. This article will provide some information about the job description, responsibilities, education required, and salary. 

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As a paralegal, you will often be responsible for helping attorneys with different family law matters. Your duties could include conducting interviews with the parties involved, gathering evidence for trials, preparing written reports, and arranging legal arguments. You will also need excellent communication and organizational skills. Many family law paralegals work in law firms, but some are self-employed and start their own private practice. Despite the fact that they cannot provide legal advice, they will help attorneys with their cases by conducting legal research, drafting documents, and managing communication between all parties involved. Depending on the size of the firm, you may be asked to handle communication with clients outside the courtroom. 

To qualify as a family law paralegal, you should have at least an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. You should also have at least one year of work experience working for a law firm. Upon graduation, you will be expected to complete a paralegal program that is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). ABA-approved paralegal programs cover every level from certificate to master’s degree programs. 

Education required 

Many firms prefer candidates who have at least an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. Some also prefer paralegals who have earned a certificate in paralegal studies. However, certification is not always necessary. While you can begin your career by working as an intern in a family law firm, an associate’s degree is more likely to land you a job. 

Paralegals assist attorneys with caseloads and handle legal matters for their employers. Most paralegals specialize in a particular field. Those specializing in family law will typically get more in-depth training and may be required to obtain a license. State licensing requirements vary. 


The salary of a family law paralegal varies depending on experience, education, and the location of the job. The need for legal services is projected to increase significantly over the next decade, as a large part of the baby-boom generation ages. More divorces will occur, and more couples will be faced with legal issues. 

A Family LAW Paralegal salary typically ranges from $42,000 to $60,000 per year. However, the top earners may be paid up to $70,000 a year. The average salary may vary by as much as $18,000, depending on the location, skill level, and number of years of experience.