What Is a Certified Family Law Specialist? 

A Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) is a lawyer who has completed additional training and has specialized in family law. While the requirements are higher than that of a general practitioner, Steve and Glenn has achieved this level of expertise through specialization and focus. In the complex legal world we live in today, doing one thing well is very important. So how can you tell if a lawyer is CFLS-certified?

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Qualifications to become a certified family law specialist 

Become a Certified Family Law Specialist. To become a Certified Family Law Specialist, you must have the necessary education and experience. You must pass the Board of Legal Specialization’s written examination, which lasts six and a half hours. In addition, you must have successfully handled at least 50 contested family law trials and hearings, mediated or arbitrated disputes, and/or mediations. These requirements are quite extensive but are well worth the extra work. 

Licensed to practice law in California, you must have completed a specialized degree in a related field. This includes trial advocacy, evidence, arbitration, collaborative law, real estate, juvenile law, elder law, and immigration law. You must also have at least 10 references who are licensed to practice law in California. Upon completion of the requirements, you may be able to represent yourself as a certified family law specialist. 

Benefits of hiring a certified family law specialist 

Hiring a family law specialist can make all the difference. These lawyers are highly knowledgeable and skilled at dealing with complex issues of support and property division. Hiring a family law specialist does not mean letting your other responsibilities slide. A certified family law specialist is a good choice for anyone who wants to avoid getting stuck in the middle of a legal battle. They have the necessary experience and know-how to navigate these situations with success. 

To become a certified family law specialist, an attorney must pass a series of rigorous requirements. Unlike other lawyers, a certified family law specialist has gone above and beyond the typical training required by their State Bar or another certification program. In addition, they must maintain a list of references. Only lawyers who have completed these rigorous requirements can call themselves certified specialists. The advantages of hiring a certified family law specialist are numerous. 

Choosing a certified family law specialist 

The State Bar of California has strict standards for certified family law specialists. To earn this credential, attorneys must pass a rigorous examination and meet certain practice requirements. They must also have an outstanding track record and have been evaluated favorably by their peers. A certified specialist is a qualified attorney who handles different aspects of divorce. Read on to learn about some of the qualifications and benefits of a certified family law specialist. Here are some things to consider when choosing a family law attorney. 

Whether you need assistance with a divorce, child custody case, or any other family law case, hiring a certified family law specialist can make all the difference. Certified family law specialists have received special training in family law and are highly qualified to handle even the most difficult family matters. These attorneys are also experienced and know how to handle opposing counsel. They will be able to protect your rights and ensure a favorable outcome.