What is Conversion Disposition in Family Law Divorce? 

The first question you may have is what is conversion disposition in family law divorce? This type of disposition is very common. In dependency cases, this type of divorce is usually ordered if the parties separate legally. If they were married for more than 5 years, the courts will usually decide what constitutes “legal separation.”

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Legal separation is a legal separation 

A legal separation is a type of divorce that allows couples to keep their separate property. Legal separation is one of two types of divorce. Judicial separation and legal separation have different durations. In a judicial separation, the parties agree to separate but the court approves the separation. After the divorce decree is signed, the case is closed, but the divorce process may take a little longer than expected. 

Conversion disposition is a common type of disposition in family law divorce 

There are many different types of Family Court dispositions, and conversion is one of them. A conversion is a legal separation between one spouse and one of the other spouses. The parties will sign a divorce decree, which will remain on the books for some time. The divorce process can take much longer than expected, but when the court signs the final order, the case is considered final. 

Process of converting a legal separation to a divorce 

When a couple decides they want a divorce, they can petition the court for a legal separation to be converted into a divorce. They can do this through a joint stipulation, which is a simpler and less time-consuming method of completing the conversion. The other option is to file a separate motion for conversion if one spouse wants a divorce and the other is hesitant to take the step. 

Finding an attorney for a conversion disposition 

If you have a question about a disposed of the case, you can easily find a good divorce attorney for this purpose. An attorney will have all the necessary information ready to answer any questions you might have. In addition, if you want to change certain terms of the agreement, you can check the status of your case online. This way, you can make the changes that you need to do. You can also find out if your spouse will accept the changes.