What is the Purpose of a Prenuptial Agreement? 

Prenuptial agreements are useful for many reasons. For example, they can protect non-marital property from being pulled into bankruptcy. They can also address pre-marriage debts. Even if you and your partner are both financially solvent, you may want to consider a prenup before getting married.

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Protects non-marital property from being pulled into bankruptcy 

Prenuptial agreements are a great way to protect your non-marital property in the event of divorce. These agreements can protect your property during a divorce and also serve as legal protection in lawsuits and settlements. In Ukraine, prenuptial agreements are required by Section 10 of the Family Code, which regulates marriage relationships, the rights and duties of spouses, and their property relations. 

If you have non-marital property, a prenup can protect it from being pulled into bankruptcy. The agreement should make it clear that you want the non-marital property to stay separate from the marital property. The agreement should also protect any inheritance money from being used to support the marital household. 

A prenuptial agreement can prevent a long, contentious battle over property after a divorce. It can also clarify how assets and liabilities will be handled during the marriage. For example, you can protect your property if your partner has poor credit or a stay-at-home spouse. If you are a lower earner, your prenuptial agreement may even protect you from being forced to pay child support to a stay-at-home spouse. 

Addresses pre-marriage debt 

Prenuptial agreements are important because they allow you to define and protect separate property. This can include your home, your car, and any investments you may have. It also covers inheritances you have received. Defining these assets will make sure they are protected in the event of divorce. Defining what is considered marital property is also important, since this will determine how your property will be divided in the event of a divorce. 

A prenuptial agreement can also address pre-marital debt. Many individuals enter marriage with debt. A prenuptial agreement allows these individuals to protect themselves against a future debt crisis. A premarital agreement can also address alimony, which is the financial support paid to a spouse upon divorce.