What Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney? 

It’s important to know what you want from your divorce lawyer before you hire them. Your goals may be anything from getting out of a bad marriage to being able to move forward with your life after the legal process has ended. 

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Regardless of what your goals are, you’ll need to find an attorney who has the skills and experience necessary to help you achieve them. You’ll also need to be comfortable with their approach to your case, which can include both mediation and negotiation or trial. 

You’ll need to ask about their experience handling cases similar to yours so that you can find out if they’ve handled your specific situation in the past and how that has affected them. This will give you an idea of how they’ll handle your particular case, whether or not it’s likely to go to trial, and what kind of outcome you can expect. 

The amount of time that your lawyer has been practicing law is an important factor in how experienced they are. Generally speaking, more experienced attorneys have more skills and are better at handling your type of case. 

However, you should be aware that a lawyer who has been in practice for a long time can still make mistakes. This is particularly true in the field of family law, where a mistake can have serious consequences for you and your family. 

Another important question to ask your divorce attorney is how long they’ve been practicing. An experienced lawyer will have a deeper understanding of the laws related to divorce and how courts most frequently decide issues such as property division, child custody, and spousal support. 

How many divorce cases have you taken to trial? 

You’re going to need a lawyer who has the trial skills you need to win your divorce case. It’s important to find out how many of their cases have been tried in court, as well as how many cases were settled before going to trial. 

If you’re looking for a lawyer who can work on your behalf while keeping your costs in check, you’ll want to find an attorney who helps clients pay their fees out of their marital estate rather than from your pocket. A good lawyer will be able to explain how this can help you keep your finances in line during the divorce process. 

Can you speak with me via phone or email? 

You will want to be able to get in touch with your lawyer whenever something comes up in your case, so it’s important to find out how and when they’re available to communicate. You’ll also need to understand if you’re charged for these communications. 

Do you offer a flat rate or an hourly fee? 

You’ll need to figure out if the attorney you’re considering offers a flat rate or an hourly fee. This will let you determine whether or not you can afford to pay them.