What Services Does a Family Law Attorney Provide? 

A family lawyer deals with a wide range of legal issues related to family relationships, such as divorce and adoption. Their main duties are to help clients navigate these sensitive matters and protect their rights at every step of the process. 

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Prenuptial Agreements 

A prenuptial agreement is a document that couples often draft before getting married to protect their assets and plan for a financially stable future. Family law attorneys often provide assistance with this crucial piece of legal paperwork, helping clients complete a comprehensive inventory of their assets and debts and then drafting a legally binding document. 

Divorce and Custody

Many divorced parents need the help of a divorce lawyer to help with their case. These lawyers can help you divide marital property and calculate spousal support, as well as propose a custody and visitation schedule for your children. 

Child Custody and Adoption

If you’re a parent, your primary concern should be your children’s best interests. This is why you need a family lawyer who can ensure that you’re not being treated unfairly in court and that your children are protected from any harm or abuse that might occur to them. 

Custody cases are complex and can be contentious, especially when a child’s other parent is not cooperating with you or the court. It’s also important that you have a New York family law attorney who is familiar with the specific laws for custody and the various factors involved in a successful case. 

You should also find out if your lawyer offers alternative dispute resolution methods that are less expensive than going to court. If not, you should consider finding a different attorney who does. 

A family lawyer can also help you with custody and visitation issues, including filing a petition to change custody in the event that your current arrangement is not working. They can also handle emergency cases, such as if you suspect that your children have been abused or neglected. 

In some cases, a family law attorney can even assist you with adopting a child. This is a process that varies by state and involves obtaining a judicial decree of adoption, filing legal paperwork with the state, and attending an adoption hearing. 

How to Become a Family Law Attorney? 

To become a family law attorney, you must first go through law school and pass the bar exam. This is a rigorous and time-consuming procedure, but it can open the door to a lucrative career in family law. 

The family law career path requires an intense commitment to education and a desire to help people. Students with a passion for family law may choose to attend law schools that offer coursework in the field, as well as clinics and externships where they can gain experience in real-life family law scenarios. 

Once you’re a family lawyer, you’ll need to take continuing education courses to keep your license current. These may be done online, through classes or seminars, or through CLE conferences.