What Should I Wear to Court for Child Custody Proceedings? 

If you are in a child custody hearing, you will want to wear the appropriate attire. Avoid wearing dark colors or flashy jewelry, and avoid exposing too much skin. Stick to neutral colors. Even if you are in a hot courtroom, you should avoid wearing shorts or sleeveless tops.

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Avoid dark-colored suits 

If you are a father, the best way to avoid making an image mistake in a child custody court is to dress in dark colors. Dark greys and blues are the most appropriate colors for court because they’re neutral and professional. You should also avoid black, which is a cold, authoritative color and will only hinder your chances of getting sympathy. 

For the same reasons, it’s best to avoid wearing light-colored suits to court. Light colors are less formal and will give the impression that you are not serious. Avoid black, either – it can give you a very authoritative, intimidating appearance that you don’t want. It might be better to leave the suit jacket at home if it’s too hot outside. Also, don’t wear shorts or a sleeveless top to court. You don’t want to offend the judge, and he or she may have a very different sense of style than you do. 

Avoid flashy jewelry 

If you are battling for child custody with your ex, the last thing you want to do is wear flashy jewelry. You should leave that jewelry at home and try to dress conservatively. You don’t want the judge to make a snap judgment based on how you look. 

Some accessories are acceptable, such as a small hoop earring or a single necklace or bracelet. It is also advisable to avoid hats and sunglasses that might cause a distraction. You should also avoid exposing too much body hair or clothing that alludes to drug use. In addition, you should wear dress shoes. For women, flats or pumps with a low heel are best. 

Stick with neutral colors 

Avoid loud or bold colors when you attend a child custody hearing. Many judges favor austere, conservative attire. You should wear neutral colors or simple patterns that do not draw attention. If you have any tattoos, you should keep them hidden. You should also avoid wearing shirts with images. 

Ask your lawyer about your outfit 

Before you head to court for child custody proceedings, it’s a good idea to consult with your lawyer about what to wear. It’s not the time for pajamas or a dirty t-shirt. Instead, go for a business or job interview-type outfit in neutral colors. And try to avoid using a lot of jewelry or other gimmicky accessories. Ultimately, you want to look professional, but also presentable. 

What to wear to court for child custody hearings depends on the type of case you have. For example, if your ex is requesting joint custody of the children, you might want to avoid wearing brightly colored clothes or revealing clothing. Also, don’t wear hats; they’re not appropriate for child custody proceedings.