What to Ask a Family Law Attorney 

If you’re considering hiring a family law attorney, there are a few questions you should have on your list. While your attorney’s experience is important, you should also ask about their fees and education. Asking questions like this can help you gauge their expertise and suitability for your needs. Read on to learn more. If you have a case involving a divorce or child custody, you should ask a family law attorney what they think the chances are of winning.

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Questions to ask a family law attorney 

When looking for a family law attorney, can be daunting. Before stepping into the interview, prepare a list of questions for your attorney. This way, you can determine whether the attorney you’re considering is right for you. In addition, you can ask them additional questions you may have in mind. If you can’t think of a question to ask, consider these general guidelines to help you select the right family law attorney for your needs. 


When choosing a family law attorney, you need someone who has had some experience in the field. Family law is complex and involves studying hundreds of statutes and regulations. A family law attorney has to keep up with legal developments and keep track of past court cases to be on the right side of the law. They should be able to handle sensitive information in a manner that protects both the client and their privacy. If you choose the wrong family law attorney, you could lose everything. 


The average hourly rate for family law attorneys ranges from $100 to $400. However, some attorneys charge upwards of $1,000 an hour. It is important to discuss the rate with your family law attorney when you are evaluating the services of different attorneys. While the hourly rate varies from state to state, it is generally between $200 and $300 in California and around $250 to $300 in Tennessee. For more information about how much a family law attorney charges, read on. 

Education required 

As a legal professional, a family law attorney should have the following education and skills. A Juris Doctorate is required, as is a state law license. Additionally, a family law attorney should be knowledgeable in basic accounting and finance. Many attorneys practice family law. Their salaries vary widely, depending on their experience, education, company size, and industry. Here is a summary of the most important skills a family law attorney should have. 

Areas of expertise 

There are several different areas of law within family law, but a lawyer who specializes in this area will be more likely to have a higher success rate. Family law is surprisingly broad in scope, touching on subjects such as real estate, tax law, and constitutional law. It is best to view family law as the intersection of these different areas and how they affect the family unit. This broad perspective makes it easier to establish a successful practice in this area.