What to Ask an Attorney When Getting a Divorce?

You might have questions about what to ask an attorney when getting a family law divorce, but there is no definitive list of what to ask before you hire one. There are many things to consider, including your finances, assets, and timeline. Your questions may not even be related to divorce. The following are some common questions you should ask when you first meet with a family law attorney. Before hiring one, make sure you understand your goals.

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Questions to ask a divorce lawyer 

Aside from determining the right attorney for your divorce, you should ask the attorney what you can expect to pay. This is important because divorce lawyers may not be as straightforward as you would like. Depending on the details of your case, it could cost anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands. Asking these questions will help you understand the attorney’s philosophy and work with him to ensure that the divorce goes as smoothly as possible. 

Assets to ask 

There are many assets to consider when filing for divorce. If you have joint accounts, make sure your attorney knows about them. If you have separate accounts, your attorney may request account statements. Also, be prepared to discuss retirement plans, stocks, and retirement accounts. You can discuss your financial assets before your divorce is finalized. If you have any questions, call a family law attorney. These attorneys are experienced in divorce cases and can guide the best course of action. 

Timeline of a divorce 

You may have many questions about the time frame for a divorce and hiring an attorney can help you understand what to expect. In general, the divorce process will take between six and nine months. The initial phase involves developing the case and gathering information from both parties, such as financial records and tax returns. You will also need to retain the services of financial experts. The final phase involves going to trial and determining whether or not to grant your divorce. The entire divorce process can take months or even years. 

Price of a divorce 

Some individuals may want to save money by representing themselves in the divorce proceedings, but this can be a mistake. A divorce involves high stakes, including child custody, support matters, and property division. It is also best to consider how you will pay for all these costs, such as borrowing from a family member or using credit cards. Some attorneys even offer payment plans, so you can sign over some of your assets and pay for the services only when they are needed. 

Child custody 

There are many child custody questions to ask an attorney when getting e separated. It is important to discuss your preferences with your lawyer to determine the best parenting arrangement. For instance, you may want sole custody, but this request is often unrealistic. You need to provide a compelling reason to your lawyer, and he can advise you on the feasibility of your request. You can also ask the attorney to recommend a parenting plan if you cannot agree. 

Spousal maintenance 

Alimony, also known as spousal support or spousal maintenance, is a court-ordered payment for a divorced woman. It will depend on several factors, including whether you were the primary breadwinner in the marriage and how much money you each made. The larger the difference in income between you and your spouse, the larger the spousal maintenance payment will be. Likewise, the longer the marriage lasted, the less spousal maintenance will be.