Child Custody Mediation – What to Ask For in Child Custody Mediation 

If you are going to a child custody mediation, you should know what to ask for to get the most benefit from the meeting. To prepare for this, create a checklist of the custody issues that need to be addressed. This checklist should be short but includes everything that is I to you. It will help you feel prepared and make the most of your time at the mediation. It will help you make sure that your child custody mediation goes smoothly.

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Preparing for child custody mediation 

If you’re scheduled to go to child custody mediation with your ex, you’re going to want to know what to expect beforehand. First, remember that child custody mediation is only about custody, not about child support, property settlements, or personal issues. It is also important that you have an attorney with you at the mediation to help you in your case. In addition, here are some tips to help you be successful during your session: 

The first step is to gather all of your records. Be sure to gather information about important special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and the drop-off and exchange location of your children. Also, be ready to compromise in the initial meeting with your mediator. He or she will explain the confidentiality of the process and discuss ground rules with you. Next, your mediator will help you sort out your child custody issues and prioritize them. If you are able canthem in advance, the mediation process should go smoothly. 

Orientation for child custody mediation 

Before attending a mediation, both parties should attend an orientation session. The orientation will teach the parties about mediation and the concepts that apply to child custody cases. The parties will also receive a certificate of completion, which they must present to their child custody recommending counselor. The orientation session will last about 2 hours. Once the parties have completed the orientation, they will be given a date and time for the mediation. For the most part, the mediator will discuss the concepts and procedures during the mediation. 

The process for child custody mediation involves a voluntary agreement between the parents. If the parents cannot reach an agreement at the end of the mediation, they must go to court to appeal. If this happens, the judge will likely end the mediation session. This can be especially stressful for parents who live a long way from the courthouse. Parents who attend mediation orientation are better prepared and are more likely to reach a favorable settlement. A mediation orientation also teaches attorneys about the process. 

Preparing for child custody mediation checklist 

If you have decided to attend child custody mediation, you need to be prepared. Being prepared will help jump-start negotiations and show the mediator that you’re serious about your child. Although you might not get the exact arrangement you want, if you show up calm and focused on your child’s best interests, you’re more likely to come away with an agreement. If you are preparing for mediation, follow this checklist and you’ll have the best chance of getting the outcome you want. 

One of the first things you’ll want to do is to write down your concerns. The mediator will ask each side to rank their concerns, and listing them will help ensure that all pressing issues are addressed. For example, if you seek residential custody, you may want to make a list of factors that make your home a better fit for your child. Consider how the transition will affect your child and make sure that your concerns are realistic and specific.