What Type of Attorney Deals With Divorce? 

If you’re thinking of getting a divorce, you’ll need to figure out what type of attorney you want to hire. The process can be painful and expensive, so you need someone who understands the emotional and financial challenges involved. You’ll want to choose an attorney who shares your approach to divorce, and you’ll want someone who treats you with respect. 

Collaborative divorce 

Collaborative divorce is a type of divorce process that allows the parties to resolve their differences without going to court. This process is usually quick, private, and less expensive than litigation. This approach also promotes fairness and a better sense of trust between the parties. The collaborative divorce process also allows the parties to decide how to deal with disputes that arise after the divorce. 

In a collaborative divorce process, the attorneys for both parties sign a collaborative divorce pledge, which states their mutual commitment to avoid litigation. The agreement will typically have ten sections and spell out the goals for both parties. The pledge should be based on the future well-being of both the parties and their families. 

Family law attorney 

A family law attorney will advise you on a variety of issues related to divorce and family relationships. These attorneys can also assist you with custody decisions that arise after a divorce, dissolution, or separation. These attorneys can help you if other family members want legal custody of your children, or if you are considering adopting a child. Adoptions involve an adult becoming the legal parent of a child, often after the biological parents have abdicated their parental status. 

A family law attorney will help you with all of the paperwork associated with your case, including the divorce decree, spousal support agreements, and child custody orders. They can also help you resolve issues through mediation or arbitration. A family law attorney is also a good choice if you are trying to avoid court altogether. However, make sure you find an attorney who has experience with your particular type of case. 


If you are in the process of divorce and are considering hiring a mediator, keep in mind that it is different from hiring a divorce attorney. In a mediation session, both parties sit down with a mediator, who can guide them through the process. He or she will help them analyze their needs and budgets, divide up their marital property, review their children’s needs, and reorganize their family structure. The mediator will also help the couples identify areas of agreement and disagreement. 

When hiring a mediator, you should be honest with your mediator. If you do not tell the truth, they may not be able to help you. If one party has hidden assets or is abusive, they will not be able to resolve the divorce. The mediator may need to do an independent investigation and use the discovery process to find these assets. If one party is unwilling to cooperate, they may opt out of the mediation process. The mediator may also meet with the parties separately to help them better manage their emotions and communicate. This method has proven to be very effective for a number of “weaker” spouses. 

Alternative dispute resolution 

If you are thinking about hiring an attorney for your divorce, you may want to consider alternative dispute resolution. This is an excellent way to save money and stress. Marshall & Taylor PLLC has represented many couples in Raleigh who want to avoid a long and contentious divorce process. It also can be a less stressful process for children. 

There are several types of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. Both of these options involve both parties reaching a compromise through an impartial third party. This process can reduce the stress associated with the divorce process, while still allowing spouses to have a say in the outcome.