Divorce Lawyers – What Type of Attorney Handles Divorce? 

Divorce lawyers handle divorces and other family law issues, like legal separations, prenuptial agreements, paternity actions, child support cases, annulments, domestic violence, and more. 

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What is the difference between a divorce lawyer and a family attorney?

A family lawyer is generally a more comprehensive attorney who may help you with a variety of matters related to family law. These include divorces, legal separations, prenuptial agreements, adoptions, paternity actions, and child support cases. 

What are the benefits of hiring an attorney for your divorce?

Divorces can be difficult and stressful times for many people, and having an experienced and professional attorney by your side can make the process easier. A good divorce attorney will be knowledgeable and able to answer all of your questions, help you explore all of your options, and protect your best interests at every stage of the legal process. 

What is the difference between contested and uncontested divorce?

A contested divorce is one in which the spouses haven’t reached an agreement on all of their divorce-related issues, such as how to divide their assets, who gets custody of their children, and who pays for their legal costs. In addition, a contested divorce involves more court paperwork and hearings than an uncontested divorce. 

What is the difference between mediated and collaborative divorce?

In mediation, the divorcing spouses have the opportunity to discuss their differences and reach an agreement on all of their divorce-related matters privately. Then, their mediator works with the spouses to write down all of their negotiated terms and draft them into a written proposal that is legally binding. The spouses’ attorneys can review the mediated settlement agreement and verify that it is fair and legal. 

What is the difference between drafting a Qualified Domestic Relations Order and preparing a divorce decree? 

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a legal document that defines the specific terms of a divorce and establishes how the parties will share property and finances. A QDRO is a lot more complicated than drafting a standard divorce decree, and it typically takes much longer to prepare. 

What is the difference between an attorney who represents only one client in an uncontested or simple divorce, and a reputable divorce attorney who also works with couples in a collaborative or mediation process? 

A reputable divorce attorney will work with you and your spouse to resolve all of your divorce-related issues in an amicable and respectful manner. This often means negotiating the terms of your divorce and exploring alternatives to litigation. 

What is the difference between preparing a simple or summary divorce, and filing a more complex divorce in New York State? 

A simple or summary divorce is an option for a couple with minimal assets, who have agreed to the terms of their divorce through mediation. It usually includes a meeting with a paralegal to gather basic information and to prepare a standard petition and decree that contains their agreements, a limited number of phone calls, and processing the documents at the courthouse.