When Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney? 

There are times when it’s best to represent yourself in court rather than hire a divorce attorney. A contested divorce is much more expensive and requires court intervention quickly. Even though you can request temporary orders without a divorce attorney, it is better to know what the best and worst-case scenario looks like and to hire a divorce attorney when you can afford it. If your divorce case is uncontested, mediation can be an option.

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Uncontested divorces are less expensive 

If you can agree on every single issue in the divorce, an uncontested divorce is the best choice. In contrast, contested divorces are much more expensive because the court must decide each issue. An uncontested divorce is less stressful for the parties involved and can be completed much faster. It is also less expensive because it doesn’t involve as many lawyers, court appearances, and disputes. This is particularly beneficial for couples who wish to save on legal costs. 

Mediation is a great way to resolve a child custody case 

If you have children, you may wonder whether mediation is a good idea. Unlike litigation, mediation is voluntary and free of charge. Mediation brings the parents together to determine the best parenting plan for the children, without the stress of court battles. Whether it is custody, visitation, or anything else, mediation is a great option for your child custody case. 

You can represent yourself in court instead of hiring a divorce attorney 

You can represent yourself in court instead of hiring an attorney if the divorce is amicable and the parties don’t own a business together. In this case, you will file as a “pro se litigant,” which is Latin for “on your behalf.” There are many benefits to self-representation, but there are also some drawbacks. Listed below are some of them. 

You can meet with a divorce attorney before leaving the house 

The first meeting with a divorce attorney may be a bit uncomfortable for many people. You will likely be both nervous and apprehensive. Luckily, there are some general things to expect. Knowing what to expect can go a long way, so you should come prepared. Here are some tips to keep in mind when meeting with a divorce attorney. If you want to save money, work directly with a paralegal instead of a lawyer. 

You can get legal advice from a divorce lawyer 

Hiring a divorce attorney can be a wise decision for many reasons. For instance, if you’re unsure about the terms of your divorce settlement, a lawyer can explain them to you. Divorce lawyers can also explain regard to spousal support, retirement accounts, and marital assets. Divorce lawyers also know the tax implications of transferring assets that generate income, as these will move you into a higher tax bracket and will affect your eligibility for spousal support. Lastly, they can help you understand the divorce agreement and other documents. You can even get court orders from a divorce lawyer if you need to.