Where to Get Free Family Law Advice 

If you want free legal help but are worried about the costs of hiring a lawyer, then you should consider seeking free family law advice from an attorney. This article offers information about the Her Justice Center, Family Law Unit, Self-represented litigants, and Low-Bono Lawyers with affirmation. Read on for more tips. You may even be able to get free family law advice without a lawyer. Moreover, you can also use a New York family law attorney to file an emergency motion for temporary custody if you are afraid for your child’s safety.

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Her Justice 

A nonprofit organization called Her Justice offers free family law advice to low-income women in New York City. The nonprofit works with pro bono attorneys at top law firms to provide legal services for the organization’s clients. All clients receive a free consultation to determine which type of legal advice is best for their specific situation. Her Justice is the largest provider of free legal services in the city. However, not all organizations serve the same demographic. 

Family Law Unit 

Free family law advice is available in many forms, including mediation. The Family Law Unit at PWJC was created by the federal Office on Violence Against Women, a division of the Department of Justice. They recognized that victims of domestic violence needed comprehensive legal services from beginning to end. The Family Law Unit provides a full range of services, including full court representation in the Bronx and Manhattan Family Courts, referrals to attorneys, and other community resources. 

Self-represented litigants 

Self-represented litigants may encounter non-legal professionals, such as custody evaluators, during their divorce case. The purpose of this guide is to educate these non-legal professionals and consumers about the benefits of unbundled legal services. These services provide legal services at affordable rates. To find out if you qualify for unbundled services, contact the Chicago Bar Foundation. The committee is a volunteer organization of attorneys who provide free legal services to self-represented litigants. 

New York City private practice family lawyers 

For low-income women in New York City, the organization Her Justice provides free legal advice and referrals. Her clients are primarily survivors of domestic violence, and Her Justice provides legal information, brief services, and attorney representation. Jewish people may also turn to Kayama, a nonprofit organization that helps people obtain a religious divorce. While they do not represent you in a civil divorce, they can assist you with other family law issues, including estate administration.