Who Has Child Custody When the Parents Aren’t Married?

When you’re going through a divorce, one of the most important things to consider is what kind of custody you’ll have with your children. Custody is where the child lives and who makes the major decisions for them in their life, such as where they will go to school or whether they will receive medical care. This can be confusing for parents, especially when there are a lot of different opinions. 

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If you aren’t married, it’s not uncommon for the mother to have primary custody of your children. This means that she has the legal authority to make all of the major and minor decisions for your children. 

In this situation, it is very important that you get your child’s father involved in the child custody process as soon as possible. This can be difficult, but it is an important step that you should take. 

Establishing Paternity

A court cannot issue any orders for custody or support until they’ve confirmed the child’s father through DNA testing and other evidence. This can be done through a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, or by filing a paternity action and seeking a court-ordered DNA test. 

Once a man has proven that he is the biological father, he will have every right to seek physical and legal custody of his child. In some cases, he may even be able to claim “in loco parentis” status from the court. 

Shared Custody

When you have shared custody, your child is living in both of your homes and spending time with each of you on a regular basis. This can be a good option for parents who are on good terms and want to work out the details of their child’s custody without taking their issues to court. 

Mediation can also be a valuable tool when parents are unable to agree on the details of their child’s custody, visitation, and support. It can help you get past your own personal feelings and focus on what is best for your child. 

Child Custody When the Parents Aren’t Married

The most common child custody arrangement is joint custody, which combines legal and physical custody. This is typically awarded to parents who can work together to raise their children. In addition to making decisions about the child’s education and health care, joint custody gives each parent equal power over the decision-making process. 

If you are a father who is looking to gain custody of your child, it’s essential that you have the help of an experienced family law attorney by your side. This will help you protect your rights and ensure that you have the chance to provide a stable home for your child in the future. 

The best way to handle any child custody situation is to try to come to a mutual agreement with the other parent. This can be challenging, but it’s necessary for the child’s long-term well-being. It’s a great idea to use a mediator, as well as an attorney to help you reach an amicable solution with your ex-spouse.