What Does It Mean to Have Sole Custody of a Children? 

When a parent has sole custody of their child, that parent has both legal and physical custody of the child. This means that they have the power to make all major decisions for their child, such as medical care and education. In many cases, the noncustodial parent will have visitation rights and may be required to pay child support. 

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What Does Sole Custody Look Like?

Sole custody is often awarded when a judge believes that the child’s best interests would be served by having just one parent with them. This could be due to substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health issues, or other concerns. It is important to note that if the parents are working on a parenting plan and are making progress, a court may not award sole custody because the kids are better off with both parents involved in their lives. 

If you have sole custody, the child will live with you for the majority of the time and you can have full decision-making authority over their care. You can make important decisions such as their education, religion, and medical care. This is a very significant and stressful step in a divorce or paternity case, so you should not attempt to take it on without the help of an experienced family law attorney. 

Can a Father Get Sole Custody of a Child?

A father can get sole custody of a child if the mother has not made any attempts to contact him or deny his access to their child. If the mother does deny his access, the father can file a suit in court to enforce the custody order. 

Can a Parent With Sole Custody Be A Threat to Their Children?

A parent with sole custody of a child can do many things that they cannot do in joint custody, such as moving the child out of state or to another country. This is a big concern for courts because it can negatively affect the child’s upbringing. It is important to remember that if a parent with sole custody of a child is doing anything to harm their child, the court will find it necessary to terminate their rights to the child and order them to pay child support or other remedies. 

How Do I Ask for Sole Custody?

To obtain full custody of a child, you will need to be in legal custody or a divorce or paternity case. You will also need to prove that there are “extraordinary circumstances” in your case that gives you the right to ask for full custody. Extraordinary circumstances can include a situation in which a parent has surrendered the child, abandoned or neglected them, or been unfit over a long period of time. 

What Does Sole Physical Custody Look Like?

Sole physical custody is when the parent with custody has the legal and physical right to keep the child in their home on a daily basis. This can be the same parent or a different parent.