If you’re wondering why family law attorneys are so expensive, there are several reasons. These reasons include experience, costs, and third-party records. But which one is most important to you? Listed below are the most common reasons. If you don’t know what all of these factors mean, keep reading to find out more. This article outlines the top three reasons why family law attorneys are so expensive. Keep in mind that these costs are not all created equal, though.


Many people wonder about the average cost of family law attorneys. This may be because the attorneys’ hourly rates are not set by California law, although the State Bar of California limits the number of unconscionable fees. Instead, attorneys set their rates based on market forces. Whether you have a high-net-worth divorce or an uncooperative spouse, the costs of hiring an attorney will vary depending on your case.


The complexity of family law issues requires the assistance of a highly qualified attorney with a high net worth. A divorce or a change in custody of a child can affect multiple extended family members. Attorneys at Pullman & Comley have proven their ability to navigate complicated family matters with a creative approach. This is reflected in their acclaim from clients and colleagues. In the following paragraphs, we will briefly examine some of the key features of family law attorneys.


Some lawyers charge a flat rate per hour, while others charge only an hourly rate. It’s important to consider the experience and the time of a lawyer before hiring them. Although an attorney may charge a fixed fee per hour, he or she may take more time to complete a case, so expect to pay a higher rate as time goes by. In addition to hourly rates, some attorneys may also charge for travel and transportation. In addition, you should discuss money matters with your attorney. Make sure that they explain their fee structure and any additional costs.

Third-party records

There are several reasons why family law attorneys charge so much. First, most divorce attorneys charge a flat fee, ranging from $150 to $250 per hour. For complicated cases, these attorneys may charge as much as $650 an hour. Secondly, a trial costs the couple divorcing a lot of money. In addition to the attorneys’ fees, a trial may increase the amount of child support, custody, or visitation. Finally, a trial costs money that would be better spent on other areas of the divorce process.

Experience of the attorney

It is crucial that you hire a reputable attorney with experience in this field. Family law matters involve a lot of paperwork, which must be filed properly and on time. Experienced attorneys will make sure all paperwork is correct and up-to-date. In addition, filing everything on time is important to the court, as it will look more positive in their eyes. An attorney with a lot of experience can also give you more advice than someone who is not experienced.

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